Your mission should you choose to accept it: Go see a movie… by yourself! I know, I know—no task has ever sounded more appealing and less realistic. But I managed to succeed in this pursuit thanks to a sponsored opportunity … READ MORE »

toddler sippy cup no spil

Transitioning to a sippy cup can be a challenge sometimes for toddlers. The NEW Tilty Cup from Evenflo makes this transition easier with their angled internal wall and adjustable valve design. Other sippy cups cause toddlers to tilt their head back at … READ MORE »

creative hands 3 craft totes

My daughter loves any kind of crafty project you can come up with or find for her to get her hands on. When she was younger I was much better at finding things she could create and make, but as … READ MORE »


In the heat of summer the idea of a fitted top is just more than I can bear. It sounds downright dreadful, actually. And, while many people are working on their bikini bods, I have been practicing the art of … READ MORE »

Big Bag Theory

It’s not breaking news to tell you that we take our shopping pretty seriously around here. As such, we’re always keen to share products that make shopping easier and more stylish, like smart reusable bags. Reusable shopping bags are essential to save … READ MORE »

fight for your write

This year BIC®  is celebrating 30 years of helping kids reach their potential. As we prepare to head back to school and to help celebrate BIC’s 30 year old success, we’ve partnered with them to help save handwriting by sharing some reasons … READ MORE »