It’s the end of October and we get to celebrate to fun holidays: Halloween and National Pizza Month in the United States. Like many families, pizza is a weekly meal. Our school’s have “Pizza Fridays” and there’s always one night … READ MORE »

How To Wear - Over The Knee Boots

How to Wear Over The Knee Boots

October 31, 2014

Back again this fall and classic to the core are Over the Knee Boots and I’m here to share with you a few tips on how to make them work in your wardrobe.  While some might be a little hesitant … READ MORE »

For this month’s edition of Welcome to My World, we’re off to Denver, Colorado with Sarah Fazendin of A Week at the Beach. A Week at the Beach is a travel blog dedicated to inspiring busy moms to make time for travel. If … READ MORE »

Flag at Military US Air Force Homecoming

This post was originally created for the Healthy Essentials Johnson + Johnson website. Veteran’s Day is just around the corner on November 11 so it’s a timely share here on The Shopping Mama. *** The ten months from October of … READ MORE »


We absolutely love the Sengled Dimmable LED Light. I just have to start with that. They will make a unique, unexpected gift for any music lover or techie and are perfect for a man-cave, nursery, dorm, or any room you … READ MORE »

the best first walking shoes

As parents, we know how exciting and bittersweet watching your baby take his or her first steps can be. You’re happy that they are becoming little independent beings and let’s be honest, at the same time, you’re glad you won’t … READ MORE »