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How many times have you seen a beautiful room on television, or in a magazine and thought, wow, I wish I could get my space to look like that! Having a gorgeous room in your home evokes a feeling of comfort, … READ MORE »


It’s like I blinked and he’s off to nursery school… My eager three-year-old big boy. (Excuse me while I go get the tissue box!) My first born’s first day of the much-anticipated “three’s” program is next week, and we’re getting … READ MORE »

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The calendar finally turns to September tomorrow, which means fall is literally just around the corner. The weather has already taken a turn for the cool here and I am welcoming fall weather with open arms. Yes, it’s officially layering season. J.Jill … READ MORE »

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We’re obsessed with baby clothes here at The Shopping Mama. Big brands, little brands, boutique brands—we don’t discriminate. If the itty-bitty mini onesies, stretchies, leggings, dresses and rompers are cute, we’re totally on board! But if the pint-size pieces are … READ MORE »

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I love a good massage. I’m all about keeping up with regular manis and pedis. And Soul Cycle is an indulgence I absolutely hate to love and love to hate… But if I had to pick one feel-good, look-good “me-time” … READ MORE »

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There is nothing quite like the bond between a brother and sister. Yes, they may know how to push your buttons and annoy you from time to time, especially as kids. But deep down you know there is nobody that … READ MORE »