A Couple Updates

By Kate |
Just a couple updates on recent posts!

Lost and Now Found
Remember how I couldn’t find the container of Baby Girl’s fall and winter clothes? (Read that post here.) Just as I suspected, when my husband got home he found it. In my defense, it took him hours to find it AND the clothes were in a pink box and not the stinkin’ Rubbermaid trunk I was looking for. So, the plus is that the clothes have been found (woo hoo!), but the negative is that it wasn’t nearly as much as I remembered. I thought I had a TON of stuff but in reality there were several sweaters and only a couple outfits. And, to think of all the clothes I haven’t bought in recent months because I thought she was all set. Oh well.

TwitterMoms Samsung Contest
A few days after I wrote about the fiasco that was the TwitterMoms Samsung contest, a winner was announced. And the kicker? The random winner had no comments on her post – and originally the winner was to be the person with the most comments. Oh, the irony. (See my original post here.)

The funniest result of all that brouhaha? The woman that runs TwitterMoms BLOCKED ME on Twitter. I don’t know why I find that so hysterical and ridiculous, but I really do. As if by sharing my thoughts on a very public and very popular website and contest I’ve somehow gotten under her skin? Little ol’ me.
Sleeping Through the Night
Never fails… as soon as I posted some tips and resources to learn more about helping your baby sleep through the night, mine STOPPED sleeping through the night. Ugh. (And, I love that Sarah from The Ohana Mama mentioned just that phenomenon in the comments without even knowing my bad luck! See post and comments here) Baby Girl is barely a baby – she’s almost one (::excuse me while I sob::) – and she’s now waking once or twice at night. A couple times she’s been almost inconsolable and upset when I put her back in her crib. I’m hoping it’s just teething. Of course, the trouble now that I’ve started going to her and nursing her she’s going to get used to it and expect it.

If you haven’t yet, check out that post and join in the conversation by adding your suggestions and favorite resources to help baby sleep through the night!

Happy Tuesday!



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    Yeah the whole twitter moms thing was a MAJOR fail! The fact that she won't address everyone's concerns shows just how much she care about her so called "community"

  2. 2.

    I missed the whole twitter mom thing. I am about to go check it out!

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  4. 4.

    Hope you get some sleep filled nights soon! My son did sooooooo good last night! Didn't wake me up until almost time for the alarm to go off!!

  5. 5.

    about the night terrors. Thay are awfull. My sone had them and I had no idea what to do. Then a friend told me her sone went through the same thing. She discovered he had to go to the bathroom. I tride this- Every time he would sream I would try to lead him to the bathroom. You may have to do it all for him (pull pants down,even hold the little thing dowm). Once he peed, the screaming and trashing stoped. This helped both my frien and I so I guess it is worth a shot for you. Good Luck.

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