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boba-logoMany of the benefits of babywearing extend well beyond babyhood. The parents behind the Sleepy Wrap know that and were at a loss when their son outgrew his wrap but still wanted to be carried. (Read The Shopping Mama Sleepy Wrap review.) They tried several carriers but were used to the comfort of a wrap and wanted to find the same thing in a toddler appropriate carrier. After an initial sketch and lots of brainstorming the Boba Carrier was born.

Boba CarrierBoba Basics
The Boba Organic Carrier is appropriate for use with children from 1 to 4 years or 15 to 45 pounds. It’s a soft-structured carrier made entirely of organic materials and produced in Boulder, Colorado. Adjustable waist, shoulder and chest straps make it comfortable for most people between 5 and 6 feet tall. My husband is 6 feet and can easily use the Boba.

Boba CarrierWhat Sets Boba Apart
The Boba Carrier is the only first soft structured carrier with full leg support for your child. The footstraps provide are adjustable to support your child’s leg, which does more than provide a comfortable ride. Supporting the leg at approximately 90 degree angle allows your child to settle into the flexed abducted position which takes pressure off and aligns the spine. Because the Carrier is so wide it provides good leg support for most children to age 18 months, and they don’t need to use the footstraps.

Other Great Boba Features
* Comfortable! The shoulder straps are generously padded and the waist belt is very wide and doesn’t dig into my hips.
* Machine washable. There are no snaps, buttons or to rust or make trouble in the washing machine, although frequent washing is not recommended.
* Wide and tall body. Even a large toddler will be adequately covered and supported by the generous size of the Boba. I love that the height prevents a child from leaning back and feeling unsecure.
* 100% organic fabric, including organic Texas cotton lining.

Video Review

Although recommended for toddlers starting at one year, I have worn my daughter (who will be one next month) quite successfully. Obviously, she’s not as tall as her brother so she doesn’t enjoy a particularly nice view but she has been quite content. Like I mention in the Boba video review, I wear Baby Girl during Toddler Boy’s soccer practices (it’s a team of 2.5 year olds so you can imagine the parental involvement is high) and it’s been comfortable and kept us both quite happy. Baby Girl likes that she’s part of the action rather than in a stroller and I like having her close.

To Buy… I LOVE the Boba. We’ve really enjoyed using it and have found it to be extremely comfortable. The waist support is wide and the shoulder straps are well padded, making even extended wearing doable. The kids have been happy and content in it, too! I definitely give the Boba a thumb’s up and highly recommend it.

Or Not to Buy… Because the footstraps are not necessary until your child is about 18 months and the Carrier can be used before then, it’d be cool if you could remove the straps until you need to use them. They don’t really get in the way and frankly I barely noticed them, but they do just hang there unused.

Shop! The Boba Carrier is offered in six neutral colors and costs $99. It is available for purchase at www.bobacarrier.com. Good news! Use the code shoppingmama for 10% off your order, including SleepyWrap purchases.

Thank you to NAP, Inc. for providing a sample for the purposes of this review. The opinions expressed here are mine and uninfluenced by receipt of product. Others may have a different experience.



Kate started The Shopping Mama™ in January 2009 when, after graduating law school, she traded in online legal research and writing for locating the best products for children. She shops for three kids ages 8, 6 and 3 from their home in Japan. Her military family is making the most of back-to-back overseas assignments by traveling every chance they get.

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    So cool! I've never heard of this one!

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    Sarah Halstead

    thanks for the great review.

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    Simply Being Mommy

    Oh how cool! I love the foot straps.

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    Thank you for the information. I am getting one right now!

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    Trying to comparison shop and have found few reviews of this carrier. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sleepy wrap but my ds (almost 12 months and 22 pounds) has outgrown it. Have you tried other carriers (Ergo for example)? If so, how does this compare? I appreciate your input and advice!

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      I don’t have an ERGO so I can’t compare. I’m sorry I’m not much help.

      I have used another soft carrier, though, and I find the Boba much easier to use.

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    Carrie Sayer

    Yes, would love comparison to the Ergo!

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      Hi Carrie, I’ve never used an ERGO. I’m sorry I wish I could be more helpful!

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    the discount promo code is no longer valid. boo

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