Lost and NOT Found

By Kate |
Only in my house…. I have misplaced an entire trunk-size Rubbermaid container of clothes. New, unworn clothes for Baby Girl that I’ve been buying and saving for the last year. Now that the temperature has finally dipped into bearable – and downright chilly – weather I was eager to bust out Baby Girl’s fall clothes. But, they’re MISSING!

How does this happen?

I have searched and searched and searched again. I have been in the attic (twice). I have looked in every closet in this house. I have dug through all the containers of clothing I can find. I have looked in the shed, for crying out loud. The result? Nada. I CANNOT FREAKING FIND the hundreds of dollars worth of clothes I started buying on super sale since I found I was having a girl. (Like these skirts I was planning to pair with leggings or tights.)

I’m seriously confused. How is this possible?

If it wasn’t so ridiculous I’d be bawling my eyes out. But, the clothes in their container MUST be here somewhere. Right?

Someone want to come search my house for me? I’ll be your BFF if you find my baby’s clothes!



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  1. 1.

    That is so incredibly frustrating! Good luck in finding them!


  2. 2.

    OMG I've done that before and its so frustrating!! I am so organzied that sometimes I put stuff in such a fabulous place that I forget where I put it.

    Good luck in your search! 🙂

  3. 3.

    Those skirts are super cute! Hope you find the box soon.

  4. 4.

    Try the left side of your garage. I saw Tupperware clothes containers there.

  5. 5.

    I hate when I lose something that I know that I just had and I know that I did not throw away. We use tubs also but I started putting a clear piece of tape on each side of them and writing on it, what's in them. My cousin only uses clear tubs which is even a better idea. I certainly hope that you find that tub soon. I am sending some luck your way.

  6. 6.
    The Shopping Mama

    I just need to take a minute to thank my mom – aka Captain Obvious – for suggesting I check the giant tower of containers in my garage.

    It was the first place I looked and have subsequently dug through each bin about 3 times.

    Oh, and as embarrassing as it would be I'm really hoping that when my husband gets home on Friday he finds the clothes immediately. I don't even care about my pride. I just want the clothes!

  7. 7.
    -Courtney Rae*

    aw! I'm so sorry.
    Have you looked under all the beds?
    I'm sure you have but its worth a try right?

    good luck!

  8. 8.

    This totally sounds like something I would do or have done…just not with an entire tub of clothes! 🙂 I find a great spot for things and often forget where that great spot is. Good luck finding the cloths they are in there somewhere!


  9. 9.

    Go look in the last place you might think of. It will be there!


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