Nap Nanny logoNap Nanny is an amazing mom-invention that I first discovered at the ABC Kids Expo where I had the pleasure of speaking with creator Leslie Gudel. When her infant daughter wouldn’t sleep in anything but her car seat or swing, and baby sleep “wedges” didn’t work, Leslie invented the Nap Nanny.

Nap Nanny ColorsWhat is Nap Nanny?
The Nap Nanny® is made of high density foam with car seat-like contours, a super-soft, washable designer cover, and a special safety harness to secure the child so she can sleep at an incline. It is sloped 30° at the top and 40° at the foot to gently cradle baby, optimize breathing and prevent sliding.

Relief and Comfort for Baby
When I saw the Nap Nanny, I immediately thought of my dear friend whose first daughter suffered from reflux. Her doctor recommended the baby sleep at an angle. My friend tried everything to help her baby sleep comfortably from phone books under the crib mattress to a car seat to bouncers and swings. The Nap Nanny seems the perfect solution to the challenge of a baby with reflux, don’t you think?
The back of the Nap Nanny is elevated to keep baby at a comfortable 30 degree angle. Many doctors recommend this position for reflux, colds, colic and ear infections. And, as mamas know, many babies just seem to prefer this position. In addition, the foot rest of the Nap Nanny is elevated to cradle and comfort baby.

Keep Baby Safe
The Nap Nanny is recommended for babies above 8 pounds. Because of the quality of the dense foam used, there is no weight restriction and a little one will probably grow too tall long before growing too heavy. The design of the Nap Nanny is intended with safety in mind – there is a lap harness (similar to what you find on a bouncy seat or in a swing) to keep baby secure and the sides are slightly raised to further prevent rolling. Because safety is of the utmost importance, the Nap Nanny is only recommended for floor use.

Nap Nanny Safari GiraffeNap Nanny Confetti Pink
Durable Design
Created with babies in mind, the Nap Nanny is covered in a removable minky slip cover. Plus, the foam base is lined with a waterproof material to withstand the inevitable messes of babyhood. The covers are available in four solid prints and four brand new fashion prints and the covers may be purchased separately from the base if you want to change the look of your Nap Nanny or keep an extra cover on hand.

Additional Features
* Not just for babies – I can only imagine how much my son would enjoy reclining on a Nap Nanny to read a book or watch his favorite show on TV.
* Lightweight – At only 3 pounds, the Nap Nanny can go with you from room to room or to grandma’s house.

After seeing and touching the Nap Nanny for myself at the ABC Kids Expo, I can tell you I am extremely impressed with the quality. It’s a very well thought out product that will be a must have for many mamas. I think it would make a great (and generous) baby shower gift and I will definitely recommend it to anyone with a baby who has reflux or just plain refuses to sleep anywhere but the car seat!

Shop! The Nap Nanny is available for purchase online for $129.99. Order 2 or more and save 10% with the code MULTIPLES. The Nap Nanny is also sold in select retailers around the country.

Win! A Nap Nanny with cover of your choice! (A $129.99 value.)

How to Enter: Please visit the Nap Nanny website and check out all its great features and uses. Leave a comment here telling me what color cover you’d like AND what you like best about the Nap Nanny.

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    Owen's Mom

    Wow! What a great product. I love the confetti pink cover.

    I was impressed that a 30 degree incline would help with reflux and colic
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    Anna D (Admin)

    I LOVE the Confetti Pink one and I have heard that these allow babies with acid reflux to sleep peacefully, I would love to try one out.

    bloggermommies at gmail dot com

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    Baby Mac Designs

    Oh SO cute and comfortable looking. Great job Nap Nanny did on this product! I am a fan of all the covers, but I think I like the confetti blue the best.

    Great giveaway Kate!

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    Anna D (Admin)

    I follow this blog, I am BloggerMommies

    bloggermommies at gmail dot com

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    Baby Mac Designs

    I fanned Nap Nanny on facebook (Shannon Healy-Nelson)


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    Baby Mac Designs

    I tweeted about this great giveaway! (babymacdesigns).


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    Baby Mac Designs

    Phew…lastly, I subscribed to your emails! Yea!!!


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    Tj and Amy

    I like that its Durable
    Waterproof liner protects the foam for greater longevity. I love the giraffe print. amypugmire@live.com

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    Tara B.

    I absolutely love the Nap Nanny! I would love to have a Nap Nanny in Giraffe print for my daughter, to help with her sporadic reflux , but also because they are extremely comfortable and soothing to babies. The fabric is super soft, and the baby feels snug and secure, creating a womb like environment. I love that it helps babies sleep better, in turn letting Mama sleep better too ;). I also love that you can feed the baby in it! I would love love love to own a nap nanny in Giraffe Print!

  24. 24.

    I love that it elevates baby 30 degrees so easily and safely. We would love one in Minky Blue.

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