At It Again – Pardon My Dust

By Kate |


I’m taking the plunge for real this time and changing blog templates. The blog may look weird and / or disappear over the next day or two. Just keep refreshing and checking back and hopefully you’ll like what you see.

I can’t even tell you how totally freaked out I am, so keep your fingers crossed!



Kate started The Shopping Mama™ in January 2009 when, after graduating law school, she traded in online legal research and writing for locating the best products for children. She shops for three kids ages 8, 6 and 3 from their home in Japan. Her military family is making the most of back-to-back overseas assignments by traveling every chance they get.

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    Scary to change over while you are having your All About Baby event. Will the comments transfer automatically??

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    Good luck! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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    Good luck with that- I’ve been pulling my hair out doing the same thing all weekend (accidentally) and I lost my whole blogroll and a few other things. Overall, though, I’m glad I went for it.


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    All the comments are safe and sound – they may not appear here yet (or ever), but they will be valid and included when I pull a winner for every single giveaway.

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    The Jacobsen Family

    Hm… The links from my tweets must be to the old pages… Not working when you click them. You may want to redo them on the giveaway page. I’ll fix it on my tweets.

    • .

      I’ve been working on updating the links in each giveaway post. It’s just one (of many) little hiccups in the transfer. Thanks for your help!

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