As you know, I was truly lucky and honored to represent Energzier as a Smart ChargHer at BlogHer. In addition to receiving a very generous sponsorship, of the perks was that I received a Energizer Recharge Smart Charger.  I am kind of ashamed to admit that until receiving it, we relied totally on disposable batteries. And a lot of them. I have to tell you, I feel a lot better about the idea of powering my little ones’ toys, my big one (husband’s) electronic gadget toys and other household necessities with rechargeable batteries. I love that after making the switch we won’t use and toss batteries any more.

Energizer Recharge Smart Charger

But, the Energizer Recharge Smart Charger isn’t your average battery charger. Here are a few of the features that set it apart:

  • Countdown timer shows how long until batteries are charged
  • Battery Fuel Guage shows charge status
  • Bad Battery Alert detects alerts and shuts off charging when a  non-NiMH or old NiMH battery is inserted
  • Large visual display can be viewed from across the room
  • Charges 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries
  • Charges batteries at a safe, steady rate which improves the    long-term health of the NiMH battery
  • For approximate charge times, download the user manual.
  • Energy Star® certified

Win a Smart Charger & a $15 Target Gift Card!

If you have a blog, can get your very own Energizer Recharge Smart Charger AND a $15 Target Gift Card to stock up on Energizer Rechargeable Batteries (or back to school supplies!) for a $35 total value. Interested? Of course you are!

To win, simply write a blog post about one of the following topics by August 27:

  • Why you think an Energizer Smart Charger would make your life easier
  • Recapping your encounter with our Smart ChargHers at BlogHer (if you attended)
  • Review of any Energizer charger and/or Energizer rechargeable batteries you own

This opportunity is NOT restricted to only BlogHer attendees, so please feel free to “Spread the Swag” and share this giveaway on Facebook and Twitter. If you share on Twitter please use the hashtag #EnergizerSC.

Blog Post Guidelines

  1. Blog articles need to be posted by August 27, 2010 (limited to the first 200 bloggers who post their article – the opportunity is still open as of today!)
  2. Postings must be at least 200 words and images are encouraged (grab the Image of the Smart Charger to use – I’m also happy to email you more detailed information and images if you let me know you’d like them) and I’d love if link to this post so readers can learn more about the opportunity
  3. E-mail the link plus preferred shipping address to wendyb@blickandstaff.com
Disclosure: I was provided a generous sponsorship to BlogHer by Energizer but was not compensated for this post.


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  1. 1.
    Melissa W

    I would love to win this giveaway! I love the idea of this charger!! It would be so nice to have this with all the toys we have with 3 kids! lol

  2. 2.

    What a fun idea! I am so glad that Energizer came out with something like this to help SAVE money! With baby number 2 on his way any day, I know we are only bound to go through even MORE batteries! LOL!

  3. 3.

    Thanks for the info! I submitted my blog post and linked back to you!

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  4. 4.

    Glad to see this in my reader today. I’ve done the post with a link back to this one and submitted my information as requested. I can definitely use this product :o)

    • .

      Thanks for posting!

  5. 5.

    I work at a preschool, we use AA batteries like they are going out of style. It would really help our budget to use rechargeable batteries and know when they will be ready!!

  6. 6.
    • .

      Oh good! Thank you.

  7. 7.

    Thanks for sharing this great opportunity! Posted and linked back 🙂

  8. 8.

    These would make my life soooo much easier. My husband is constantly running through batteries! It would be nice to just direct him to the charger.

  9. 9.

    I cannot tell you how many double a batteries I go through in a month. My camera eats them like candy and everthing else we have seem to use this size also and I cannot keep enough of them in the house. What a great idea to have rechargeable ones- so much less waste!

    Please count me in!

  10. 10.
  11. 11.

    I got mine in the mail today! YAY!!

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