Total Gym Total Mom Challenge – Week 2

By Kate |

It’s been a week since I introduced you to the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge and provided my “before” stats. And, I’ve decided that I’m not going to torture myself (or you, for that matter) with weekly measurements and weigh-ins. I know that, even after some tough workouts, I’m not going to see immediate results. And, frankly, I don’t want to get discouraged if my measurements or weight aren’t dropping. So, this week, I want to share some of the ins and outs of working out with the Total Gym XLS, and next week I’ll do measurements to see how I’m doing.

Total Gym Storage

When I got the opportunity to review the Total Gym, the first thing I said to my husband is “Where are we going to put it?” We have pretty much outgrown our house and are busting at the seams as it is. But, we knew the opportunity to get in shape at home was worth the space challenge. As it turns out, we decided to take advantage of the fact that the Total Gym folds in half for easy storage and we put it away in our hall closet every night. It would be much easier if we had a makeshift gym for the Total Gym, but the hassle of taking it out and setting it up nearly every day is totally worth it and is definitely faster than driving to and from a gym.

Long and Lean Workout

The Total Gym comes with a variety of workout information including DVDs and the Total Gym Training Deck. The Training Deck consists of cards that describe every imaginable exercise possible with the Total Gym, as well as workout programs grouping various exercises together. There are 30 different workout programs in the Training Deck, like the Starter Workout, Women’s Lower Body Strength, Men’s Upper Body Strength and, my favorite, the Long and Lean.

The Long and Lean Workout includes a training program for two different days so you can alternate between the two. The exercises workout the arms, shoulders, abs, legs – total body, really. The best part for me is that entire workout takes about half an hour. I thought I would prefer using the DVDs but, to my surprise, I really like using the Training Deck. The photos and descriptions on the exercise cards offer plenty of instruction to get the movement right and get a great workout.

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Total Mom Total Mom Participants

Check in on the other Total Gym Total Mom participants and see how they are doing with the Total Gym!



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    I haven’t tried the long and lean workout yet…going to check that out! I too love how easy it is to store 😉

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      It’s a good full-body workout but it really doesn’t take too long at all. I really like it.

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    you are too cool!

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    I love the storage options!!

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    I love how easy it is to store the machine! That makes it a great option for anyone, and that is a HUGE plus in my opinion!

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