Wordless Wednesday: Colorado

By Kate |

Over the weekend my husband and I hit the road air for a trip without the kids! We had a wonderful time – and huge thanks to my mother-in-law for playing with our high energy munchkins all weekend. I can’t believe I went a whole weekend traveling and all dressed up with my husband and I don’t have a single photo of the two of us, or a single photo with me at all for that matter. At least there was beautiful scenery to capture!

We even took in a football game – and had a blast. How could we not in this setting?

I look forward to seeing your photos!



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    That happens to me all the time. I often find that I’m missing from trip photos since I’m always behind the lens. Football? Sounds like my kind of trip!

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    Congrats on an adult weekend! No pics?? must mean you were too busy enjoying yourself! Way to go girl!

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    I have very few pictures of my husband and I together. I think its because one of us is always behind the camera snapping the picture. I wish I had more!

    Congrats on the adult getaway! The football game looks like a blast!

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    Shannon Kelly

    Ditto the previous comments and the weather/scenery look amazing. Glad you had a wonderful time!

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    How fun. It’s always nice to get away, even if you didn’t get photos of yourselves:)

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    Great shots! I am often missing from photos! Its horrible isn’t it! Hubby has gotten better about grabbing the camera and making me get in front of this past year!

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    So pretty! I’ve never been to Colorado!

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    I have never been anywhere with just my husband….I guess after almost 11 years that it’s about time that I do.

    Love the first pic!

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    That looks like a blast! I have always wanted to watch a game from the stadium.

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    Looks like a wonderful time! Great photos!

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    I recognize that place. Been there lots to the AFA!

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      Yep! It was my first time there. So glad I got to see it.

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    That was a great game at AFA too! The Academy is so beautiful. I haven’t been to a game there in a couple years. We’ll have to head back to one soon!

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      It was an awesome game! So much fun – and the weather was perfect.

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    That building is beautiful!
    Happy WW!

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    Fabulous pictures! What an awesome looking building.

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    Forget it – when you are out with hubby on your own you are usually on such a weird “high” that pictures are the last thing on your mind! I am glad you had fun!

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    It’s ALWAYS nice to get away. What made you choose Colorado?

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      My husband’s college reunion. It was so fun to see where he went to school and fun for him to spend time with friends.

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