Battle Machines answer the burning question, “What do you get when you combine remote control cars and laser tag?” And the answer is a crazy game most kids will go nuts for.

How It Works

Use your Remote Controller to navigate your Battle Machine into position to shoot your opponent with an invisible IR (InfraRed) laser to knock one level off of their shield. Be careful not to allow yourself to get shot. The first person to score 3 points, knocking their opponents shield down to zero is the WINNER!!

The Battle Machine sets include two cars (Ford F-350 Superduty and Chevy Silverado 3500HD, Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, or Ford Mustang and Chevy Silverado) and two controllers.

Let’s Play

This is one of those toys that parents can get into as much as kids, so I saved the unveiling for a night when my brother was over for dinner. As I suspected, he play with helped my son get the hang of using the cars. The set comes with two cars and two remotes. You can adjust the settings so that either remote will control either car. The goal is obviously to use the remote to “tag” the other car with the laser three times before you get hit three times.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m not really a fan of violent toys. My son doesn’t own any toy guns, and when someone gave him a water gun we referred to it as a “water squirter” (much to my husband’s amusement). I wasn’t quite sure how this toy would fit into that mentality but it’s actually a pretty skill game that helps my son with fine motor and problem solving since it’s not completely intuitive to understand how to move and control the cars. And, honestly, my son has barely mastered that part of the game, let alone the actual laser tagging of the other car.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… The Battle Machine set is a lot of boy’s dream toy – blending remote control cars and laser tag. My son is definitely on the young side, but I think older grade school kids – and adults! – will be thrilled to get their hands on these remotes.

Or Not to Buy… The remotes can be a little finicky and we’ve had to stay pretty close to the cars to properly control them.

Shop! Battle Machines set of two cars and two remotes from Toys R Us for $54.99. Select sets are also available on Amazon.

Jada Toys provided a sample for the purpose of this review.


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