Christmas Card Craft: Make Your Own Photo Cards

By Lauren Barth |

The circle cutter is back!  For regular readers of The Shopping Mama, you know that I have challenged myself to a year’s worth of crafts using much of the same materials.  Not only do I want to be “green” and use up materials, I want to decrease my spending and the clutter around my house.  For December, I went with the obvious – Christmas cards.

Due to a stomach bug, my Christmas card crafting project ended up covering more than a week.  As time went on, I ended up with three different ideas; all use the circle cutter and include similar steps.  The first two cards are made with an 8.5X11″ sheet of card stock folded in half and the third is on small cards (4X5.5″) with matching envelopes.

“Ho Ho Ho!” Card

To begin the “Ho Ho Ho!” card, print three “H”s and an exclamation point either horizontally or vertically on half of the 8.5X11” paper. Then cut circles in a corresponding size to be the “O”.

Ornament Card

For the 8.5X11″ ornament card, a little math is required to determine the size of each ornament.  As an English teacher, I must admit I was daunted by this, but you simply divide the width of the paper minus the margin and space in between ornaments (8.5″ – 1″ – 2″= 6.5″) by the number of ornaments you wish to feature.  Then I added the ink embellishments.

Small Ornament Card

To be honest, the small card with matching envelope is the easiest.  Simply cut one hole in the center of the card.  The size of the hole is determined by the photo you choose to insert.

After cutting the holes, the cards can be decorated and assembled.  After cutting holes, I added ink embellishments and glitter.  It is important to do this before attaching any photos because the glitter and glue can ruin photos (yes, I learned this the hard way!).  I attached my photos (some printed from my computer, some from the portraits I had made for the season) with single-sided tape.

Attach your photo and make sure it is centered as you like it before taping it down. Because the tape and photo leave a messy-looking back, I chose to cover the back with another piece of card stock.  Not only does it cover the mess, but it provides a clean writing space for your holiday letter or handwritten message.

Yes, there’s even a pink one for my daughter.

Finally, add your personal greetings.  I must admit, my personal pet peeve is cards that are not dated.  So, for me, please make sure to include the date!

I owe a huge shout out to my mom for helping me through the stomach bug and crank out enough of the single ornament cards for our family!  Thanks, mom, you’re the best!

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    I love your ideas! I might have to borrow one of them. So cute! Thanks.

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    Shannon Kelly

    Thanks, Shelly!

  4. 3.

    The cards all look amazing, Shannon! You did such a great job – so creative, as usual.

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    I love your cards! They look great and much better than store bought ones!
    Merry Christmas!!!

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    Shannon Kelly

    Thanks, Kate and Sarah!

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