We are so exited to share this amazing Silhouette Easter Eggs Craft Tutorial from Vana of Le Papier Studio. Enjoy!


What you will need:

  • wooden eggs (various sizes)
  • all-purpose sealer
  • acrylic paints (your favorite colors – I am using white, pink and blue)
  • silhouettes
  • scissors
  • cutting board
  • marker
  • contact paper
  • brushes (sponge brushes for painting the larger areas, and fine tip brushes for touching up the silhouettes)


1. Start by sealing the wooden eggs with an all-purpose sealer. This will ensure the paint goes on evenly. Let the eggs dry for a couple of minutes. Continue by tracing the silhouettes on the contact paper. Once you have all the silhouettes traced, start cutting their outlines with x-acto knife or scissors.

2. Start painting the eggs your favorite color (remember this first coat is the color your silhouettes will be – so if you want white silhouettes, your first coat should be white). Let the eggs dry.

3. Next, peel off the back and stick the silhouette on the egg. Burnish the outside edges with your thumb. This will keep the dye from penetrating – resulting in a sharp silhouette.

5. Apply a second color over the entire egg, covering the silhouettes. This second color could vary from egg to egg. Allow them to dry for about 2-5 minutes. Start to pill the sticker and violá! You just made silhouette Easter eggs!

Tip 1: with a fine tip brush touch up the silhouettes to ensure crisp edges.

Tip 2: you can reuse the cut out silhouettes more than once.

DIY Silhouette Easter Eggs

For more fun projects check out my blog or to view our entire Easter Collection visit my website Le Papier Studio.

Happy crafting!



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    Great idea to keep my daughter busy during spring break. Thank you so much for sharing…

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    wow, super cute!!! I am loving all of your tutorials lately!

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    I love tutorials! Thanks for posting this Kate! It’s so cute!

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    Oh this is just too stinkin’ cool! Thanks so much for sharing this!

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    LOVE IT…but where did you find the silhouettes?

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      Hi, Jennifer! You can create silhouettes of your kiddos by tracing/outlining their silhouette from a picture you have on hand. The sky is the limit! Enjoy!

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