Easy Cake Bunting {How To}

By Lauren Barth |

I’ve seen some adorable cake bunting decorations on the blogs I follow. They look amazing, adding color and personalization to cakes without adding lots of food dye to the frosting. Have you seen some of these?

Mini Cake Banner

Ruffled Cake Banner

Mini Cake Banner

They look great. They look amazing. They look like they require skills above and beyond what I have in my tool belt. Two of the three also require a sewing machine. Um, for me, a sewing machine is a deal breaker. So, here’s my super-simple attempt at cake bunting. For a unique twist, I attached mine to a diaper cake for a baby shower.

My bunting is super-simple because it is one long sheet of paper with a few cuts to produce the individual “flags”. I counted the number of letters for each word and (based upon the stickers I chose) gave each letter a half inch of space. Therefore, the strip of paper for the word “welcome” is 3.5 inches long by 1 inch tall. I then cut up at each half inch interval and placed my sticker letters on the paper. Now, I did get a little fancy and added fringe to the bottom of each flag. Fancy, meaning I used a pair of scissors specially made for that purpose. I also punched 1/16 inch holes in the top to thread my string.

Just like most craft projects, the special touches are in the details. For the string to hang my bunting, I chose three colors of DMC floss to match the colors of the shower and braided them together. I know, you can buy twine in all colors these days. However, when you can find the right color twine, you have to buy an entire spool for the 18 inches you need. The DMC floss for this project set me back all of $1.48 and it looks adorable (if I do say so myself).

To braid the DMC floss, cut each color to the same length and line them up. Tape one end to a surface and begin braiding. Once the braiding is complete, leave that end taped together, but remove it from the surface. Thread the non-taped end through a large needle and work the string through the banner. Tie each end to the skewers for your cake and… super-simple cake bunting.

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    Thanks for showing this. I’ve bookmarked this page in my recipe section so that I can make a banner for my son’s birthday.

  2. 2.

    I opened thinking what the heck is a cake bunting. I guess I have seen them and didn’t know they had a name! I am going to pin this as this might be the solution for my son’s train birthday cake! 🙂

  3. 3.

    That’s really cute. Before this post, I had NO idea what cake bunting was. I know what a bunt pan is though, lol.

  4. 4.

    i hope to try this.. thanks for the directions

  5. 5.

    @ Shannon…it’s all in the details. I saved the cake bunting to put in Kenyon’s baby book. I thought it was so beautiful 🙂

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