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“I went to the grocery store today, so it’s takeout for dinner.” Do you get the irony? It’s certainly not lost on me. On the days that I go to the grocery store, I prepare and clean up two meals, plan a week’s worth of meals, organize a shopping list, let my children nap and try to run to the store before they are hungry for dinner. After arriving home, unloading the car and putting away the groceries, we’re all starving. There is simply no time to prepare a dinner as well.

But even on the days I don’t go to the grocery store, I often feel pressed for time and supplies for putting healthy meals on the table. Sarah Kallio and Stacey Krastins were feeling the same pressures. Unlike me, they did something about it.

Authors of The Stocked Kitchen: One Grocery List… Endless Recipes, Kallio and Krastins worked tirelessly to put together A SINGLE SHOPPING list of “real food” items (i.e. very little packaged food or specialty ingredients) that will supply any of the 400+ recipes in the cookbook. And to make it easy, they even provide multiple copies the shopping list for you.

The philosophy is simple, use the trademarked shopping list as a checklist before going to the store. Once you’ve marked all the items you do not have, you know what to purchase. And once you have all items on hand, you can make any of the recipes. And because you are shopping for the ingredients, you can tailor the list to fit any dietary restrictions including low-sodium, low-fat, organic, etc.

But the authors don’t stop there, they encourage readers to embrace a new way of organizing the kitchen and the cooking that takes place there. They encourage purging all grocery items that are not on the list and, during the purge, performing a deep clean and organization of the kitchen. I know, I was thinking the same thing, “How do they know my refrigerator is in need of a deep clean?” They seem to know there is a three-year-old tube of sun-dried tomato paste leaking in my produce drawer.

I know what you’re thinking. What are these 400+ recipes if a single shopping list can supply them all? While I haven’t had time to try them all, here’s the list of those that I’ll be making soon: Tuscan Baked Cannellini Beans, Creamy Broccoli Soup, Asian Vinaigrette Coleslaw, Chocolate Chip Scones, Italian Vinaigrette Salad, Chicken Florentine.

That’s just a short list, there really are too many that look delish to list here. There are also many seafood recipes, but I don’t care for seafood, so they didn’t make my short list. Preschool girl and I did make the Southwest Pasta Salad together and she claims, “dis is da best dinner ever!” And while it was very tasty, I must balance that with the fact that my son barely ate any at all. Please note that most picky eaters will always eat pasta. Not my boy. He takes picky to a whole new level. We ate very last bite of the warm pasta salad and, because the recipe makes a good quantity, it took us several days to do it. Served with steamed vegetables, this one meal lasted us for three days.

This rich, warm Southwest Pasta Salad was incredibly yummy and filling.

Like most normal children, preschool girl gobbled up all her pasta salad first. Don’t get me started on toddler boy’s eating habits.

To Buy Or Not to Buy


To Buy… If you are looking for help organizing your dinner routine and finding recipe inspiration at the same time, The Stocked Kitchen: One Grocery List… Endless Recipes is a tool to help you. Once you embrace the philosophy and calm the clutter, you will see hope for preparing delicious meals with little hassle. The shopping list is simple. The recipes all look appetizing and include a broad spectrum of tastes and preferences. There is a glossary of terms for even the most culinary-challenged. Kallio and Krastins have put great thought into the development of their recipes, shopping list and the entire book philosophy.

Not to Buy… If you like trying recipes with exotic ingredients and enjoy the challenge of preparing complex meals, The Stocked Kitchen: One Grocery List… Endless Recipes is not for you.

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We received a sample for the purpose of this review.
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    I love this cookbook. I agree with the line “clutter control. I feel I have completly controled the clutter in my pantry, every item has a purpose. This is my “September Cookbook of the Month” It makes me so proud & confident in my kitchen. Thanks for the review.

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