Turns out Gymboree owns a women’s clothing line geared towards moms. Who knew? It’s like finding out one of our best friends has been keeping a stylish secret. From our quick inspection, it seems Shade is a clothing line geared towards “casual and comfortable” styles for moms. We can’t argue with that – and it seems like a good fit to market towards moms who shop Gymboree. What do you think of Shade Clothing?

Meet Shade Clothing

Shade was started over seven years ago by a busy Gymboree mother of three who was always looking for the right clothes to fit her lifestyle as a stylish and active mom. She believed in fashion with function offered at an irresistible value and wanted to create clothes designed specifically for other women like her.

We believe style should be easily accessible, effortless and made to fit your busy life. You deserve to have go-to pieces in your wardrobe that offer a flattering fit, supreme comfort and amazing style that always looks fresh and put together.

Casual and Comfortable Style for Moms

I really like the Style Guide which has full outfits to browse and find looks you like. For example, here’s a look for Lounging Around. I’d like to lounge, please.

Love this look for Running Errands.

And for a little more dressed up style, the Dress and Go is a versatile look.

Shade Maternity Styles

Shade also has a small collection of affordable maternity clothes. Here are some good basics.

Maternity Dot T-Shirt Dress ($44.50)

Maternity Baby Tee ($20.50, 2 for $18 each)

Shop! Check out Shade Clothing – available exclusively online.

What do you think of Shade? Have you heard of it before? Do you own anything?



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  1. 1.
    Crissa Robertson

    Shade has been around for YEARS! In fact they had store fronts…one right in my mall. They used to not be owned by Gymboree. They just recently “went out of business” and sold tons of their products for cheap cheap cheap. Now they are back…and apparently now owned by Gymboree.

    I love Shade clothing…especially their layering shirts and bathing suits. I wouldn’t say it is a “mom” store by any means. Everyone around here LOVES Shade and was relly sad to see it go. Check them out!

  2. 2.

    Thanks for all the info, Crissa! Obviously, Shade is new to me, but since this post I’ve heard lots of folks who like the brand. Can’t wait to shop and try a few things myself.

  3. 3.

    We have Shade here in Utah, and I LOVE it! I was very lucky to win a giveaway for a $100 gift card to them, and went on a shopping spree for my birthday and ended up paying $75 after the gift card! I found SO many things that I liked. They have great basic t-shirts that are made out of great fabric; these work great for layering. Their tank tops are wonderful because they are so long (I’m tall so short tank tops have always bothered me). Even though they have the most adorable clothes, my most favorite thing from Shade is a long pair of black stretchy pants. They are my favorite thing to lounge around the house in. (Wow, t-shirts, tanktops and stretchy pants….can you tell I like to dress comfortably?) 🙂

  4. 4.

    I had never heard of them before, but I got an email from them earlier this week and checked the website out. I loved their stuff!! I will be (hopefully) ordering some soon. And now that I see they have some storefronts, I will have to look to see where.

  5. 5.

    Sounds like it’s like Gap buying Athleta. I would have never known about their awesome clothes if they hadn’t been bought by Gap. Now I just need to have this baby so I can wear them again! Excited to check out Shade too. I love that the t-shirt is so long! I’m in a too short maternity top today and it’s seriously bugging me.

  6. 6.
    Erinmarie Forte

    What happened to Janeville? Gymboree at one time had another company for Mom’s they opened one in the Garden State Mall in NJ and I loved the clothing but then they shut down.. Anyone know what happened to that brand?

  7. 7.

    I have been buying clothes from Shade since they began years ago. They started out just with a line of long undershirts for laying underneath skimpy tops and covering up your lower back and butt crack with low rise jeans. A couple years later, they launched a full line of modest clothing. They were based out of Utah and especially popular for young women in the LDS church due to the modest fashions that Shade exclusively offered. The company went on a hiatus last year and just returned this spring after apparently selling it to Gymboree. I have noticed the store no longer mentions it being a modest clothing store, and they’ve raised their prices. (They used to be a really great value for quality modest clothing) I’ve seen several items like the sleeveless sheath, low rise jeans, and short skirts, for example, which obviously shows that Gymboree is not interested in what “Shade” stood for originally. What a shame! I sure miss it. 🙁

  8. 8.

    Shade was started by Chelsea Rippy in American Fork, Utah way back in like 2004. I was one of her original “shirt folders” when she was still using her garage as a warehouse. (I am friends with her sister.) It just grew and grew like crazy! 🙂
    I agree with Kristine, it IS A shame that Gymboree is not continuing with the theme Shade Clothing used to be about- modesty made fashionable.

  9. 9.

    I am thinking about ordering from Shade but I’ve never even heard of them until a recent google search for “casual women’s clothing” brought me to their page. For anyone who’s purchased from them…What is the quality like? I don’t necessarily need them to be super well made long lasting forever, but I’m hoping for at least Target-quality! Any help? Thanks! 🙂

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