I have a slight obsession with finding THE perfect stroller. Is it too much to ask that a stroller be able to be used from infancy until…whenever it is that kids don’t need strollers anymore, be lightweight and compact, handle rough sidewalks with ease, and look really, really nice while doing it all? The Bumbleride Flight Movement Edition certainly doesn’t seem to think so, but could it live up to it’s rep of lightweight do-it-all stroller? I was very excited to try it out, once Jack figured out how to put it together, of course.


Out of the box this stroller is nearly ready to go. The above photo shows the included parts and it is a matter of minutes to snap on the wheels and attach the canopy, even with a helpful 18 month old. Once together, little man loved how easy it is to get into the stroller. More than once I’ve found him sitting in it waiting to go for a stroll. The shot below shows the stroller with the canopy attached, but unzipped from the seat. This option gives you maximum air flow with good sun coverage. Quickly zip the canopy to the seat for even better sun coverage and protection from the elements when it cools down.

Maneuverability and Handling

The stroller is incredibly easy to maneuver, in part because it’s only 19 inches wide and 13 pounds. The four caster wheels have independent suspension and turn easily and smoothly. Unlike strollers with similar looking tires, the Flite’s rubber like wheels provide a smooth ride over rough surfaces. This isn’t a stroller to take on a mountain biking trail or the deep sand, but it can easily handle grass, uneven sidewalks, etc. My neighborhood has crazy rough sidewalks and several places where I have to wheel across grass and the Flite had no problem with any of it.

Check out little man wheeling the mostly assembled stroller (it’s still missing the sun shade) around the house. He’s pushed around every stroller we own and this is the only one that doesn’t end up wedged against something while baby screams in frustration.


  • Ht: 39.5″
  • Wt: 13 pounds
  • Width: 19″
  • Reclined length: 32″
  • Folded length: 41.5″
  • Folded height: 9″


The Flite is a snap to open and fold, although both moves do require two hands, at least briefly. The fold is a quick 3 step move: (1) pull release handles on each side of the canopy (shown below without canopy installed) (2) kick up back wheel brace (Yes, you can do it barefoot or in sandals. I hate when it hurts to collapse strollers because I’m in sandals and I’m always in sandals.) and push up middle handlebar brace and (3) fold in half. The stroller locks itself in a closed position and has an easy to access handle for carrying. Opening is even easier. Pull on those same release handles and unfold. A quick nudge to lock the wheel brace or handle bar brace may be needed, depending on how enthusiastically you unfold the stroller. I tend to encourage everything into place with a quick shake.

Features and Accessories

The Flite is so jammed packed with great features it’s hard to be sure to include them all. Some of my favorites are the:

  • SPF 45 Sun Canopy with UV blocking mesh viewing window. Very important in our sunny state.
  • Infinite position sliding recline that goes flat enough for infants.
  • Adjustable leg rest with easy to adjust firm support.
  • The fabric is so beautiful and I love the red-orange accent. I feel like I’m showing it off every time I take it out.

The Optional Snack Tray and Included Infant Car Seat Adapter (shown with Peg Perego car seat) are great too. They are very easy to install. The only downside is you have to remove them before folding due to the Flite’s extremely compact fold. The snack tray is the most accessible tray we’ve used and is nice and deep for holding everything from a favorite toy to finger foods.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… The Flite could easily be your only stroller. Nearly every imaginable need for a stroller (short of jogging) is met by the Flite, plus it is incredibly light and portable. It doesn’t hurt that it is the best looking stroller in its class (in my opinion).

Or Not to Buy… My only complaint with this stroller is the small basket size and the fact that the basket can really only be reached from the front of the stroller. Fortunately it is sturdy enough to hand a diaper bag off the back  when baby is sitting in the stroller. On quick trips to the grocery store I hang a reusable grocery bag from the handlebars and fill it as I shop. Ingenious, I know.

Shop! The Bumbleride Flite Movement Edition in Fog is $259.99 from Bumbleride and local authorized dealers.

Win! A Movement Edition Flite Stroller from Bumbleride.

How to Enter: Visit Bumbleride and leave a comment with your favorite Movement Edition feature and a Flite color(s) they should introduce next.

Earn Extra Entries – valid only after completing the first required entry. Please leave a separate comment for each you do.

Giveaway ends September 30. Open to US residents only.

Thanks to Bumbleride for providing a sample and the giveaway prize.


Want to know more? Check out our original Bumbleride Flite and Carrycot Review and the ABC Kids Expo Bumbleride Movement Edition Sneak Peek.

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    I love that it is an umbrella style stroller with car seat compatibility! If I had known about this 18 months ago it would have been the only stroller I would have bought. Instead I have 3 and still am unhappy with my current one! 🙂

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    i like the sun canopy – would love this in eggplant color

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    Oh, i’d love to win this one! after giving away all of our baby gear bc we thought we were “done” we are once again preggo w/#3. Surprise!!

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    I love that it has a SPF 45. I think the next color they should introduce next is Spice (burnt orange)

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    Oh what I wouldn’t do to own this beauty! I am in love. Let me count the ways……LOVE that it holds a carseat. LOVE that it is light. LOVE that it RECLINES!

    I love the colors already out so could only suggest orange, but would buy a gray!

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    This stroller looks perfect. I love the UV45 feature for sunny Colorado. Would like to see this introduced in red. The Bumbleride strollers have always been one of my favorite strollers. Would love to win. I need something for my 7 month old when not using my double and this looks perfect!

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    My favorite feature the SPF 45 Sun Canopy with UV blocking mesh viewing window. I would love to see a vibrant color introduced- purple.
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    My favorite Bumbleride Flite is the walnut!
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