How Do You Spell “Oops”? B-A-B-Y

By Kate |


I. Am. Pregnant. With child. Knocked up. Sperminated. KTFU.

How did this happen?

Don’t answer that.

I know how it happened which makes the situation even more ridiculous. I’m in my mid-30s, for crying out loud, much too old for an “oops,” but that’s what we’re having. Indeed, I’m due a matter of months before turning 35, thus narrowly avoiding the wretched term “advanced maternal age.”

Yes, apparently THIS is what happens when you go on a romantic getaway to the Caribbean with your husband when he returns from a long deployment. (Consider yourself warned, Shannon.)

Don’t get me wrong. Just because this baby was not planned does not mean that it is unwanted or unloved. It will be very loved.

But, this pregnancy was not planned. And it will take some time to get over the initial shock. Even at 13 weeks pregnant, having learned of the pregnancy more than two months ago, I am still getting my head around the fact that I am going to have 3 kids!

I am due mid-March, 2012. My son will be 5 and my daughter will be 3. They don’t know yet and we’ll likely put off telling them until I am really showing (though I did “pop” this weekend – a week after the photo below). Oh, and if you’re wondering how we took the 1-2-3 photo without telling them… well, we just did. They each asked what their shirts said, but didn’t ask about the one over my belly.

12 weeks (August 29).
Rocking my Sticky Bellies Monthly Maternity Milestone Stickers – Oh Sew Ready.

Holy crap… I’m going to have another baby!



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