20 Week Update: Ultrasound & Belly Photos

By Kate |

My big 20 week ultrasound was this afternoon. Barring any complications, this was our only chance to get a look at the baby so we were pretty excited. And I was just hoping to confirm that there is, in fact, only ONE baby. (Only one. Told you so, mom!)

In case you’re wondering where we landed on the Should Kids Go to an Ultrasound discussion, we decided to take my nearly 5 year old son and not my daughter. She played at a friend’s house while my husband, son and I got a peek at the baby. My son was very well-behaved and actually enjoyed the ultrasound for a bit. And then he asked to play Angry Birds. So there you go. But, I’m glad we took him as he asked some sweet questions and feels special because he got to see the baby.

Before we get to the baby inside, here’s a look at the baby from the outside: 20 week belly pictures.

For the sake of comparison, here are 16 week belly photos and a 12 week belly photo.

The ultrasound experience was so different from previous pregnancies. I spent the entire time terrified I would spot a little boy part or signs of a girl. I literally covered my eyes – and my husband’s eyes since he was totally trying to peek. At one point my husband gasped and said, “OH! I saw something.” And the tech replied, “That was the cord.” But, in all seriousness, he looked more than I did and spent half the ultrasound convinced it is a boy and the other half that it is a girl.

Apparently, if we had been looking to find out it would have been easy as pie. Baby was breech and spread eagle the entire time. The breech part doesn’t concern me. Yet. But, baby better get its little behind in the right position come March! The baby was also very active and made it difficult for the tech to get some necessary measurements. At one point, we thought I’d have to come back in 2 weeks for another scan. I see the doctor on Thursday and am hoping to hear that everything looked just as it should.

The ultrasound photos are labelled, but here’s a quick run down. The first one is the profile. And what appears to be a giant tummy. The second photo is a hand. And, the third photo, my favorite from all we received today, is a side view of the baby with its legs bent and entwined, the cord and an arm near the head. (You can click on them to make them larger, if you are interested.)

20 week ultrasound profile20 week ultrasound hand20 week ultrasound legs

I have to admit the ultrasound was a little anti-climatic for us because we didn’t find out if it was a boy or girl and as a result I spent at least half the time not watching the giant screen right in front of my face. But, assuming baby is healthy and happy, I think the wait and anti-climatic ultrasound will be rewarded with genuine surprise come delivery time.



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    Shannon Kelly

    Yay! You didn’t accidentally find out!

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      Yay! BUT, now Kevin thinks he knows. It’s really annoying me.

  2. 2.

    You’re a much stronger-willed woman than I am… I SO would have peeked! 🙂

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      I totally admit that I was tempted for a minute to find out, but I”m glad I resisted. 🙂

  3. 3.

    Awww, I’m glad it was such a good experience. I must have missed your post on whether to take a child to an ultrasound or not. I don’t mind a child or two coming when they are well behaved, but it gets stressful for the tech and the patient in a hurry when they bring multiple small children that are only patient for about 2 minutes. I think you were smart in bringing your little guy though. He’s at a perfect age where it was probably really fun for him to soak it all in. I’m glad that everything looked wonderful and that your baby is growing like it should. 🙂 And you are a strong woman for not finding out, but how fun will that be when you deliver? Thanks for sharing your experience, I’m vicariously living through you until I can have another of my own.

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