Halloween Wreaths on a Budget

By Lauren Barth |

Do you ever feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe?

I did. We just relocated from a house that, I swear, we were shoehorned into. Military orders have relocated us to Georgia where we have purchased a home with at least 1,000 more sq. ft. You would think we would be on a buying spree for furniture…nope, don’t need a thing. Turns out, we had all we needed in that tiny little house. Now, we just have room to breath.

So, what do I need? I need front door wreathS. Yes, that’s right, I need wreaths because we now have a double front door.

Those doors were amazing on the move in. There was no fretting about whether or not our furniture would squeeze in or if one of the poor moving men would lose all the skin on his knuckles.

But as we approach the holidays, those doors vex me. How do I decorate them without breaking the budget? I came up with the following, but be sure to add your own local store cards, coupons and “what you’ve already got” to save even more money.

This is what I made – read on to see how…

To start, I love the chevron pattern and used inspiration from Tatertots and Jello to come up with this idea. Starting with the least expensive wreath form I could find, I then cut strips of black chevron cloth I found this afternoon at my local fabric store. The fabric was $3.99/yd and was on sale for 40% off. I purchased two yards and have approximately half a yard left for scraps (I’m thinking of taking up quilting).

Once I had fabric strips, I pinned the starting end into the form using a simple straight pin. When starting a new strip of fabric, I overlapped it with the end of the last strip and used only one pin to secure them both. If you look closely at the second photo below, you’ll see that I matched the pin head to the color fabric so they wouldn’t be obvious.

When my form was completely wrapped in fabric, I used scissors to poke “starter” holes for my glitter pumpkins on a skewer. I found these at my local craft store for 40% off and purchased six of them (three for each wreath). Then, simply poke the wire through the fabric and wreath form. For a couple of my pumpkins, I had to strip the protective plastic sleeve around the wire which tended to snag on my form.

For hanging, I raided my ribbon drawer for a loop of ribbon (well, two loops). I’m a stickler for not poking holes in things and am too cheap to purchase those fancy adhesive hooks (and I don’t like the looks of them). So, I always hang my wreaths with ribbon looped through and thumb tacked to the top of my door frame. You will never see the tiny holes you poke, there are no metal hangers to scratch your door’s paint or finish and you haven’t nailed into the surface of your door.

Hanging Tip: If you are hanging two wreaths that you want to be symmetrical, loop your ribbon through one wreath, hold it up to the door for measurement, and cut the ribbon to length. Then, before hanging, use the first ribbon to cut another to that exact length. Then loop your ribbons and hang…they will hang at the same height every time.

I wanted to keep my wreaths as simple as possible. I like clean lines and “no fuss.” However, once they were hanging on my front doors, they just looked plain. I had to do it…I had to add bows. I used a little more ribbon, but almost wish I’d had some plain orange fabric, to make the bows.

I must admit, I like the Tatertots and Jello chevron fabric better. My tiny chevron stripes, while cute, end up looking like zebra stripes! Ah well, a little planning for next time and I can order from the internet, not rely on what my local (and wonderful!) fabric store has in stock.

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    Wow! These are beautiful! I love crafting for the holidays! You did a great job.

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    Love this simple but gorgeous idea!

    Thanks for the tip! I found you on Tip Junkie.

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    These look great! I’ll have to try these myself. Thanks for sharing!

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