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From conceiving to delivery, pregnancy can be filled with worry. It’s obviously a time full of lots of joy and excitement but it can also be stressful and worrisome. There are a few things that give me a little peace of mind along the journey: seeing the babe at an ultrasound, feeling kicks and movement and hearing the heartbeat every month at the doctor. I haven’t had an ultrasound since I was five weeks pregnant so I’ve been so relieved to hear that reassuring heartbeat at home between appointments with a BabyBeat Fetal Doppler. We even used the Doppler to tell my kids I’m pregnant!

BabyBeat offers moms-t0-be a range of fetal dopplers to rent or buy to help bring a little peace of mind home. For me, the Doppler was such a reassurance from the late stages of the first trimester when we could easily hear the heartbeat until the baby started moving a lot. Before the little kicks and movement, there’s no way for me to quiet the doubt that creeps into my head about the baby’s well-being. Nothing quiets that concern faster than hearing the quick ba-bum-ba-bum of the baby’s quick heartbeat.

BabyBeat Display & Recorder Doppler

We’ve been using the BabyBeat Display/Recorder Doppler. You can see the display in action in the video where we told the kids, and I will share a recording of the heartbeat in months to come.

Model BB350A Features

  • Large, backlit heartrate display
  • Built-in recorder
  • Audio speaker
  • 2 oz tube of ultrasound gel included
  • 10-day no hassle guarantee
  • Free shipping and returns

The Doppler has been super easy to use and I love seeing the heart rate visually instead of trying to count that super fast little beat. The baby’s heart rate is consistently in the 150s – and the old wives’ tale says that a rate above the 140s means the baby is a girl. We shall see…

Shop! BabyBeat Dopplers are available for rent as low as $24 per month and up to $49 per month for more features. You can also purchase a Fetal Doppler from BabyBeat.

Thanks to BabyBeat for providing a sample – and peace of mind.


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    I thought about renting a doppler during my second pregnancy, but never ended up doing it. It seemed that the more that I read, the more paranoid I was about things not going right. This would be nice for peace of mind. Of course when we have our next, I’ll be an ultrasound tech, so I’d cheat and scan myself… 🙂

  2. 2.

    My daughter bought a cheap unit and she wishes she would have done better. She could not get the thing to work. She ended up with a baby in distress due to pre eclampsia that was “hidden”…not detected by testing. Her little guy was born 11 weeks early. Thank goodness her intuition told her something was wrong. So, if any mom feels that these make you feel more secure in knowing your child is ok…I think its a GREAT idea.

  3. 3.

    I am SO excited – thanks to your review, yesterday I placed an order to rent this exact same model for 3 months through BabyBeat. It arrives this Thursday and I can hardly wait to start listening to our lil’ bean’s heartbeat – I think I will make it a nightly ritual before I fall asleep. I’m sure it will give both my husband and me sweet dreams! Thanks again so much for sharing this!

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