If I were to ask preschool girl if she wants to use nail polish, she’d reply “what’s ‘nail polish?'”

If I were to ask her if she wanted to use Piggy Paint, she’d squeal and say, “Oh, can we paint my nails right now, pleeeeeeease!”

Until she was four years old and I found out about Piggy Paint, I did not let my daughter paint her nails. Like the founders of Piggy Paint, I was worried about the chemicals in most commercial nail polishes and removers. Unlike most other brands, “Piggy Paint is a natural, eco-friendly nail polish designed for fancy girls. Its non-toxic, hypoallergenic formula makes it safe to use on all piggies.”

New Nail Polish Pens

To add to their product line of water-based nail polishes, Piggy Paint has just introduced nail pens. Available in almost the entire rainbow, Piggy Paint Nail Polish Pens come in seven different colors and there is even a nail polish remover pen.

We received our paint pen samples in the mail and preschool girl, who is yet to read, recognized the logo right away. She nearly swooned when she saw that we had received “Tea Party for Two” (blue) and “Forever Fancy” (hot pink). She’s been wanting blue nail polish since our first visit to the Piggy Paint website. Alas, we did not get to paint her nails with the new pens for three nights because it was always contingent upon her behavior at dinner. On the fourth night, when all went well with dinner and bath time, she nearly floated up the stairs to receive her reward… a manicure.

She’s very focused on getting the blue out of the package!

piggy paint nail polish pen review

Paint pens are great for little ones because much of the worry about spilling and mess-making is removed from the process. Preschool girl loved that she was able to paint her own nails.

piggy paint nail polish pen review

The finished product. She adores it, and four days later (four days of preschool, playing in the dirt, washing hands and baths), the paint is still on. That’s more than I can say for many of my nail finishes.

piggy paint nail polish pen review

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… Piggy Paint Nail Pens are a fantastic way for little ones to safely paint their own finger and toe nails. The “natural as mud” formula won’t harm them and the large barrel pens are easy for smaller hands to grasp. The variety of colors is sure to please even the fanciest of the preschool set and, at only $8.99 per pen, these would make great stocking stuffers for the holiday season.

Not to Buy… I have to say, we are big fans of Piggy Paint in this house and, if you’re going to buy nail polish for a youngster, I can’t think of a reason not to make it safe Piggy Paint.

Shop! Piggy Paint is available at retailers throughout the country. To find a retailer near you or order online, visit PiggyPaint.com. If ordering online, enter the code “shoppingmama10” for a 10% discount on your entire order – for a year! Enjoy free shipping for orders over $40.

Win! $15 Gift Card to Piggy Paint!

How to Enter: Tell us, whose piggies will you paint with Piggy Paint if you win?

Thanks to Piggy Paint for providing samples and the giveaway prize.
  1. 1.
    Rebecca T.

    I would paint my toesies! I have not been using nail polish since being pregnant and my toes are feeling a little naked after the long nine months!

  2. 2.

    I am such a klutz with nail polish, I would probably try to use the pen on my own hands!

  3. 3.
    Carmen Van Deursen

    My daughter has autism and wants her nails done all the time, this product would allow her to do them herself any time she wants.

  4. 4.

    I have a 4 year old girl who would be thrilled to have her finger and toe nails done! She would love to win and I bet she would pick out the Girls Rule! pen. 🙂

  5. 5.

    I would paint my niece’s nails….or my own.

  6. 6.
    Molly Luke

    I’d paint my sweet daughter’s piggies and maybe my own (after I have my baby and can see my piggies again)!

  7. 7.
    Anne Loyd

    I would paint my daughter’s piggies if I won! She would love this!!!

  8. 8.
    Samantha C.

    Would love to try these on my daughter’s nails!

  9. 9.

    I would get the Girls Rule Nail Pen to let my 4 years paint her nails. She loves purple and getting her nail done.

  10. 10.

    my 4 year old and 13 month old little girl! so fun!

  11. 11.

    I would paint my daughter’s nails

  12. 12.

    Both of my daughters’ nails. They love nailpolish!

  13. 13.

    I would paint my 3 year old’s 🙂 and mine!

  14. 14.
    Kris I.

    I would paint my daughter’s nails

  15. 15.

    i’d paint my sweet girl’s piggies!

  16. 16.

    my daughters nails!

  17. 17.

    My daughters’ and perhaps my own 🙂

  18. 18.
    Kelly W

    I would paint my daughter’s nails if I won. She LOVES painting her nails!

  19. 19.
    Cheryl W

    I would paint my daughter’s nails.

  20. 20.
    Denise L

    My two nieces would love this! I’d gladly paint their nails with Piggy Paint 🙂

  21. 21.

    I’d paint my great granddaughter’s nails if I were to win.

  22. 22.
    Dana Melendez

    If I won I’d be painting (or letting her paint) my 4 yr old daughters nails. She loves to have her nails painted and ask me every other day. I’m definitely eager to see if it stays on as long for her.

  23. 23.
    Patti Hess

    If I won I would paint my daughters…she would love this and when she chewed her nails the polish wouldn’t hurt her..

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  24. 24.

    I would paint my niece Javey’s piggies. I think she would have to be alseep because she is so busy. lnb1191(at)aol(dot)com

  25. 25.

    I would paint both my daughter’s toes!