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I live – and I mean LIVE – by my Outlook calendar.  Without my pre-programmed alerts, I wouldn’t know where I had to be at any one moment in time.  However, after enduring city-wide blackouts and server crashes that delayed work for days, I have maintained a handwritten backup for the last few years.  Just this week, a server failure at work had us without email or calendar access for a full 24 hours.  (Anything more than an hour is just cruel and unusual punishment, in my opinion.)  I was the only member of the office who was able to refer to her trusty hand-held planner in order to see what was on the calendar for the day and to schedule appointments for future dates.

One of my favorite things to do in preparation for a new year is to buy my new planner and calendars.  This year, I’ll be writing in a brand new Weekly & Monthly calendar from Egg Press and Blue Sky, available at Target and on Blue Sky’s website.  These planners are full-size, but the best part is that they feature a full month calendar for each month, followed by a week at a glance.  It will be perfect for writing down appointments and then recording the notes I make in preparation for each appointment. Blue Sky also sent me some smaller planners and a wall calendar, all of which prove to be useful, even in our technology-driven environment.

The Garden Weekly/Monthly Calendar

About Egg Press and Blue Sky

Egg Press, an early pioneer in the resurgence of letterpress stationery, is known for its expressive patterns and charming illustrations.  This updated collection features abstract and modern botanical designs in fresh colors, reflecting a creative spirit.

Blue Sky, The Color of Imagination, is a consumer products company based in Tustin, California, which offers functional and stylish Planning, Note-taking and Business Accessory products.

Organized and Stylish?!?

I’m usually not a fan of flowery patterns , but the abstract flower patterns on this collection make an old-fashioned item feel fresh and young.  I also love that the planners have covers that are plastic and/or vinyl, since I have a nasty habit of spilling water on my desk at the most inopportune moments.  Also, the list of holidays on the last page of the larger monthly and weekly planner will definitely come in handy when I start the new year by neatly noting each holiday, birthday, and vacation week in the new planner.  I can even foresee using one of the smaller planners as a backup for my personal calendar and important contacts that are normally kept within my iPhone.

The smaller purse-sized planner from Egg Press and Blue Sky, with durable aqua cover.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… At under $20 for even the largest planner, these items are reasonably priced whether you rely on your written calendar or just like to have it as back-up support for an electronic device.

Not to Buy… Even if you keep track of your day in digital format, computers aren’t perfect and usually fail us at the times when we need them the most, so there’s no reason not to buy one of these planners!

Shop! Find the collaboration between Egg Press and Blue Sky at Target stores, and online at Target.com and Blue Sky.

I received samples to facilitate this review.


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