My children’s school is celebrating Valentine’s Day today. I have no idea why they celebrate today instead of tomorrow, but let’s just pretend it’s normal and go with it. I was proud of myself for actually being on the ball and ordering the kids coordinating Valentine’s shirts last month. And, as it turns out Amy likes them, too, because she included the LOVE shirt from Kiddy Up in the Handmade Valentine’s Day post.

Here are my little Valentines!

My poor daughter has the worst runny nose in the history of preschool runny noses and her skin is so irritated under her nose. I’m kicking myself for not making an extra run to Target to get Boogie Wipes days ago. If I ever doubted whether they’re worth the money, these pictures are proof that, yes, sensitive little kid skin deserves more than crappy tissues. And, she already had her hat and gloves on and didn’t want to take them off for pictures. ::sigh::

Valentine Box

Now, the kids in my son’s class were tasked with making a box to collect their Valentines. I, being the queen of not-crafty, thought we’d wrap a shoe box in paper, hand over some stickers and markers and let him decorate his box. And then I spent some time on Pinterest and realized this was the epitome of lame and, perhaps, crappy mothering. Oh well. It got worse when I got out the supplies and realized I’d lost the Valentine stickers I bought specifically for this purpose. Cutting and gluing pictures from magazines would have to do.

My son took the lead on his Valentine box and the result is…. special.


If, for some reason, you can’t decipher his drawings, that’s a cut out heart, a flower and a dinosaur. Duh.

Let’s call the Valentine Box theme “eclectic”. The top has hearts, one side has a photo of sports chocolate balls, another has Easter egg chocolates, and one side even has an orange background with pink “hair” and hearts.

I’m happy to report that he was VERY proud of his box today at school and didn’t seem to notice that it was, um, different from many of his classmates.

Valentine Cards

What we lacked in craftiness on the Valentine box (a lot), we made up for in awesomeness of Valentines to give to friends.

Inspired by this Have a Ball Valentine, I called upon the talents of Tacy at Paper Nook to make little Valentine gift bags. She made bags last year and they were a hit so I knew I wanted her to make Valentines for my son again this year.

Each bag read “This Valentine’s Day Have a Ball” and contained a bouncy ball and some chocolate sports balls. I hope they’re a hit with his classmates today!

My daughter is handing out the custom “I’m a Sucker for You” Valentines from Minted.

Whether you create handmade classroom Valentines, decorate the most beautiful Valentine box ever, or do the best you can (like we did!), we hope your kids have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!



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    I “pinned” Jack’s box! I think it’s great.

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    I’m so happy you found my “I’m a Sucker” cards on Minted and love how cute they look with those heart lollipops! I personally love Jack’s Box and am sure it was a big hit today. 🙂 Cheers!

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