4moms mamaRoo Plush {Review & Giveaway}

By Kate |

Editor’s Note: As of May 1, 2012 there is a new, updated mamaRoo. We have the scoop on the improvements to the new mamaRoo.


I’ve blogged about it, admired it in person and even included it in our Baby Shopping Guide and now with the arrival of baby Max I finally get to welcome the 4moms mamaRoo into our home for a proper review. And not only does Max get to enjoy the mamaRoo but one of your little one’s will, too, because we’re giving one away!

4moms mamaRoo Review

We’ve been using the mamaRoo since the day Max came home from the hospital. I have to credit my husband with that, really. His idea was to put the baby in the seat even when he was content to get him used to the motions so that he’ll be familiar with it when we need to place him there to soothe him or just because we need an extra hand. Max has probably been in the mamaRoo at least once a day since his first bounce and sway. Now it does not always make or keep him 100 percent happy, but it’s been a great option for all of us.

Unique Motions. There are five motions and varying speeds so you can find the best motion to soothe or entertain your baby. Faster speeds are good to stimulate while slower speeds are better for calming baby. So far we’ve kept Max bopping right around the middle speed level. Here’s a video where you can see the way the mamaRoo truly “moves like you do.” Only better.

The controls for the mamaRoo are on the base of the seat which, I’ve discovered, is very convenient. I can turn the mamaRoo on or off with my foot while holding the baby. Like the entire machine, the controls are very simple and straightforward while being modern and innovative.

Recline and Relax. The mamaRoo can recline to any position on its unique curved axis. We currently have the seat positioned nearly flat so Max is laying down. As he gets older we’ll move him more upright but for now (with no head control and all) it makes sense for him to be reclined.

When he’s older and sitting more upright, Max will also enjoy the three toys that hang above the seat. One side of the removable plush balls has black and white art and the other features colorful monsters. (The monsters fabrics, by the way, match the 4moms Reversible Infant Insert that you can use on the mamaRoo or other swings and seats.)

Plush. The mamaRoo Plush is an upgraded version of the original mamaRoo with a much softer fabric. The material is definitely an improvement over the original fabric and provide a very comfortable place for Max to relax. (If you have an original mamaRoo, you can “upgrade” it for use with another baby by using the Infant Insert which is also made of the Plush fabric.) So far we’ve gotten lucky and haven’t had any blow outs or diaper leaks on the mamaRoo, but if we did there’s no reason to worry. The seat unzips and can be cleaned in the washing machine.

Music and Noise. We haven’t experimented much with the white noise element of the mamaRoo yet, but there are five nature sounds to add to the experience for baby. If you want a little something different or more rockin’, the mamaRoo comes with an adapter to connect your MP3 player.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… The mamaRoo comes complete with a lot of hype and so far it has lived up to our expectations. It truly is a great seat for Max that keeps him content and occupied, and it’s great for me because it’s a safe place for him when he needs a little sway action and I can’t carry or wear him. The Plush fabric is super comfortable and soft that makes me wish the mamaRoo came in my size.

Or Not to Buy… No doubt the mamaRoo is more expensive than the average baby swing. We have never had much luck with other baby swings, though, so for our money and experience this seems worth the investment.

Shop! The 4moms mamaRoo is $199 for the original seat and $239 for the Plush version. The mamaRoo is available directly from 4moms (including discount refurbished seats) and from our affiliates Magic Beans and Amazon.

Win! A 4moms mamaRoo!

How to Enter: Visit 4moms and tell us your favorite innovative baby product.

Earn Extra Entries – valid only after completing the first required entry. Please leave a separate comment for each you do.

Giveaway ends April 6. Open to US residents only, no PO Boxes.

Thanks to 4moms for providing a sample and the giveaway prize.


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