Welcome to the World, Baby!

By Kate |


I am thrilled to announce the arrival of our sweet little baby boy.

I’m not going to lie. Deciding on a name for this little guy was not easy. Indeed, we didn’t finalize our choice until well into this afternoon. We had a short list of girl names and a short list of boy names waiting for the little one’s arrival. Before today, the only name of which we were certain was that if we had a boy his middle name would be Daniel – named after my dad.

As soon as I held the baby – even in his gooey just born condition –  I knew what I wanted to name him. I just *knew* I was holding my son Max. My husband had another name in mind, but when I explained how I felt there was no way he could argue. Despite that, I still felt reluctant to commit to a name for some reason. As the day wore on, the name seemed to suit him more and more and we all agree it’s perfect for him.

Now that we have the name and stats out of the way, here are some quick pics from Max’s first day.

Max and Mom

Meeting His Big Brother & Big Sister

My Boys

The birth was kind of crazy and didn’t exactly go how I imagined. I’ll work on putting the birth story into words soon. {Updated to add the link to the post about Max’s birth story.} But that doesn’t matter much now because the end result was perfection. In the form of a beautiful baby boy.


PS: Thanks to Mod Mum for the awesome delivery gown – I’ve gotten so many compliments. And, the kids were very proud to wear their Big Bro and Big Sis shirts from Funky Monkey. 



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    What a perfect family. Love Max (perfect name) already.

  2. 2.
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    Sometimes when you know, you know! I love the name and could he be any more handsome?! Congrats and welcome baby Max!

  5. 5.

    Congratulations! What a sweet baby! Hope you are doing well after the delivery.

  6. 6.

    Congratulations, mama! I can’t wait to hear more about your story and I think you chose a beautiful name! {HUGS}

  7. 7.
    Patti Hess

    Congrats he is beautiful/sorry handsome!!! 🙂

  8. 8.
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    Kathy Luman

    Congratulations. He is a cutie. I too love the name Max. You don’t hear it to often anymore. I have a friend name Max.

  10. 10.

    I love his name. It definitely suits him. What an honor for him to also have your Father’s name. Congratulations!

  11. 11.

    Congratulations, Kate! Max is adorable. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

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    Congrats! You are definitely right in that what matters is the end product and boy, is he a good one!

  15. 15.

    We are SO happy for you! Max Daniel is a great name, too. He looks so much like his sister!

    • .

      Some times he looks like his sister to me and other times he looks just like his brother. But most of the time I have NO idea who he looks like – other than Max.

  16. 16.
    Amanda Starr

    Awe already such a handsome little man. Congratulations!!

  17. 17.
    anastasia b

    Congrats Kate! Isn’t it awesome to finally hold that little bundle?! 🙂

    • .

      Yes! It’s awesome. Felt like we were waiting for so long to meet him.

  18. 18.

    Congratulations! We did the same thing with our 3-month old daughter. We chose a middle name, Quinn, but knew we had to meet her before we could give her a first name. It didn’t end up being either name we thought it would be- we saw her and knew her name was Margaret. I was shocked at how name hungry everyone was only hours after she was born, but we also tried it out for a day before we let everyone know. Enjoy this time with you beautiful new son, Max 🙂

    • .

      Margaret was on our short list of girl names! Love it. And, yes, everyone was so anxious to hear his name but I wasn’t quite ready to share it until we gave it some time to make sure it was “right.”

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    Congratulations!!! What a beautiful family…enjoy the sweetness! Just enjoy and sleep, nothing else matters much! 🙂

  20. 20.

    Showing all the lovely ladies here little Max. Everyone says, “Congratulations!”

  21. 21.

    Congrats, Kate! Max is truly beautiful and I look forward to reading all about him in the the coming months (P.S. totally excited about the birth story – I love reading those!)

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  23. 23.

    Congratulations Kate! He is precious!

  24. 24.
    Kristi C


  25. 25.
    Shilpi Desai

    Congratulations Kate…Max is so adorable!! Hope baby and you are doing well.

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