We’ve been using the Mamas & Papas Mylo for the past two months since Max arrived. It’s been a part of adventures at the doctor’s office, the zoo, and our neighborhood. A few weeks ago, we took the Mylo on the road on our trip to Callaway Gardens. Turns out the Mamas & Papas Mylo is well suited to navigate nature as well as the suburbs.

A large part of exploring Callaway Gardens is walking the trails through the gorgeous woods and gardens. The older kids walked the trails (often slowly, but surely) and baby Max slept rode in comfort of the Mylo Stroller. Some of the trails are paved and others… not so much. We followed signs on a popular path from the Butterfly Center to the Education Center where we had lunch. Turns out we got a little off course and ended up on some paths that were not nearly as paved or worn as we expected. As a result, the Mylo was truly put to the test with some serious “off-roading.”

We locked the front two wheels which help maneuver on rough terrain and the front and rear suspension were definitely put to the test. While the Mylo isn’t built for such a circumstance, it was definitely up to the test and made it through the Gardens.

The Mylo has also been a vital part of the much more mundane adventures of a stay at home mom on the go. The Mylo has an amazing turn radius and is easy to push with one hand, making it perfect for shopping and heading in and out of stores and restaurants. The stroller is so light and easy to push that you’d never know it’s a full-size luxury stroller. It is honestly easier to push and maneuver the leatherette handle with one hand than it is to push smaller, lighter strollers with two hands.

Heading into lunch with friends.

Shop! The Mamas & Papas Mylo is $699.99 and includes the stroller chassis, seat unit, canopy, and shopping basket. It comes in four fun colors: Plum Pudding & Raspberry Ripple, Dove Grey & Sandcastle, and Black Jack (seen in this post).

Thanks to Mamas & Papas for providing a sample in exchange for review and coverage.


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    Enjoying reading your experiences with the Mylo! This post has solidified my decision to buy one. I don’t off road regularly, but run into it on occasion as you did on your adventure. I was a bit worried the Mylo wouldn’t be useable on anything other than standard sidewalks. Good to hear it made it through successfully!

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      Hi Chris! Thanks for checking our adventures with the Mylo. While it’s definitely not an all-terrain stroller, the Mylo had wide wheels that handled our “over the river and through the woods adventure.”

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