Couch to 5K {Week 2}

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Couch to 5k week two training is complete! As you know, during Week 1 my entire family participated in the workouts. We all set out for family walks and it was nice to be together. Well, schedules during Week 2 simply didn’t allow for anyone to join me so I ventured on my own. A couple times I went after dark (our neighborhood walking/jogging loop is well lit) to avoid the hot Alabama weather which is already proving to be an issue. It was different being alone, and while I missed the company of my family I really enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Things got a little hectic and I haven’t worked out since Thursday. I was doing so well to run every other day and then a busy weekend happened. I hate that I kind of fell off the wagon already, but I’ll be back at Week 3, day 1 tonight.

To Work Out with Kids or Not?

With my two oldest kids in school, I have plenty of one on one time with Max, but he isn’t old enough yet for a spin in the jogging stroller. If he were big enough I’d definitely strap him in the stroller and take off, but since that’s not an option it makes finding time to work out more tricky. It also has me wondering about building endurance to run while pushing the stroller.I guess what I’m wondering is does it make more sense to start working out with one of the older kids in the stroller now so that I’m always used to it or should I wait to add the stroller when I have more strength and endurance? 

Completed Work Outs {Couch to 5k Week 2}

Each week of the couch to 5k consists of three work outs. During the second week all of the work outs were the same and lasted a half an hour. The first day of week 2 felt a little rough – kind of sad how big a difference it was to run for 90 seconds this week compared to 60 seconds in week 1. By the third work out I was feeling good and even sprinted during the last interval. And by sprint I mean I didn’t look like I was trying to run in slow motion. I’m sure I was “sprinting” at a real runner’s cool down pace. Oh well.

  • Days 1, 2 and 3: Warm Up Walk 5 minutes; Run 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds (repeat 7 times); Cool Down Walk 5 minutes


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    If I can do it, you can too! So not a runner, but I’ll be finishing week 4 tonight! That’s halfway! Our community has a gym so my neighbor and I started out on the treadmills a few weeks ago. We would go after our kids were in bed and the dads could stay at home with them. She has since stopped going so I had to make the decision to keep it up without her. It makes me a little nervous to be there alone after dark, but I’d rather do that than give up! Doesn’t sound like much, but I can now run for 5 minutes at a time and finish with a smile :). Unbelievable.

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      Go, Esther, go! Trust me, I totally get that 5 minutes is a long time! I had to do 3 minutes tonight and was totally intimidated.

      Good for you for sticking with it after your friend stopped. I probably would have stopped if not for my husband.

      Are you running a 5k when you finish?

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