Couch to 5k {Weeks 3 & 4}

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Over the past two weeks I’ve realized the biggest challenge of completing the Couch to 5k is finding the time to actually do it. Sure, the jogging and physical exercise is a bit of a challenge to my body, but once I get going I have no trouble completing the work out. But actually lacing up my running shoes and hitting the pavement? That’s a challenge. Between the HOT weather, the kids, and regular ol’ life I have no trouble coming up with excuses to not run. I hate that. Once I get moving I’m really glad I did.

Another thing I’ve realized is that the Couch to 5k program works because each interval has an end. When I start my five minute jog interval, I know it’s only going to last five minutes and then I get to walk. Of course, the longest interval gets longer every week but there is an ending point. If I were to take off to “run” on my own without a system like couch to 5k, I’d run for maybe 3 minutes and then give up. The program makes me run and build my endurance every single week. So it really is working!

Completed Work Outs {Weeks 3 and 4}

Each week of the couch to 5k consists of three work outs. I can’t seem to find the actual intervals of jogging and walking in my app history to share what the exact work outs consisted of. (Darn!) But I can tell you the longest interval of running in 3 week was 3 minutes in a row and in week 4 it was 5 minutes in a row. Again, I know that doesn’t sound impressive or long – at all! – but for me it’s an accomplishment.

  • Week 3: Longest interval 3 minutes running
  • Week 4: Longest interval 5 minutes running


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    Shannon Kelly

    Amen to the “finding the time!” I, too, find the actual workout totally doable, it’s the carving out time that is the challenge. You’re doing great!

  2. 2.

    Way to go Kate! Keep it up! I just did 15 minutes today. I was dreading it and scared but like you said, it built off the time before it and I was fine. Try http://jog.fm/ to find more running tunes 🙂

    • .

      Thanks, Esther. I love that you are a couple weeks ahead so you can inspire me. 🙂

  3. 3.

    I am impressed my friend because I just completed day 2 of week one. I was dying. Day one was a breeze. Day 2 with the relative humidity being so high in NY I actually can’t imagine that I am going to make it. I mean I know I am totally pumped. More than I ever have been but I can’t seem to wrap my running shoes around the fact that somehow I will build endurance. You are inspiring me soo much. If you want you can follow my progress and obviously I am following yours. YAY Thanks, Beth


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