The Honest Company {Review}

By Lauren Barth |

With a Hollywood star co-founder, The Honest Company burst onto the baby care scene with television and internet coverage galore, including a feature here on The Shopping Mama. Initially offering natural and organic baby care products via a subscriber method which delivered monthly bundles, the company now also features an online store where mamas and papas can “buy-as-you-go.”

I must say that I prefer the buy-as-you-go approach to shopping. Since hearing about it in Econ101, I’ve been a fan of the JIT inventory method. I loathe clutter and “just in time” is how I want things to enter my house. Also, there are some times when we just use more of a product than usual and I need more now. And sometimes we just need “one extra thing.” So, if you are like me and didn’t want to commit to a bundle of products for the long term (no matter how flexible the terms), now is our time to purchase.

But whether a product is available as a bundle or a one-time purchase, you want to know if it works BEFORE you buy it. Me too. The folks at The Honest Company sent me a few samples and I’m happy to share my findings.

Honest Company Products

Shampoo and Body Wash – I don’t know how they did it, but this wash smells like a little bit of cupcake heaven! I squeezed some into my hand and preschool girl said, “Mom, are you eating ice cream in the bathroom?” (Nevermind the fact that that was totally NOT out of the realm of possibility!) It lathered nicely as you can see below and was very gentle on their tender skin. Toddler boy did complain that it stung his eyes when rinsing from his hair. In all fairness, he complains about all soaps stinging his eyes. Both kids asked for more when our small sample was all used up.

Toddler boy all lathered up. He LOVED the smell of cupcakes while I was washing his hair and body, but did say it stung his eyes when I rinsed. This picture was obviously taken prior to washing his face.

Laundry Detergent – My laundry skills are a joke to my family. To be honest, I don’t care for the chore and don’t fuss over it. Because I’m NOT fussing over it, my laundry detergent has to do all the caring and work. The Honest Company detergent got my clothes nice and clean, but with no scent or additives. I’ve been using a “free & clear” detergent for years, so I’m used to no scent, but if you need a fresh scent you won’t get it here (but you also won’t be getting all the chemical additives it takes to make that “fresh” scent).

Wipes – Well, these might have been used too fast for me to render a decision. Seriously, how many wipes do you use in a day? I use a gazillion. For the fleeting moment I used the samples, they worked wonderfully well and I felt much better putting those on the tender skin of my cherubs than wipes bleached with chlorine. They were durable and effective. I’m not sure how much more you could want from a wipe (except maybe for it to hold your squirmy kiddo still while try to use it… hmmm, can someone make one of those?).

Healing Balm – For me, it’s summer in Georgia. From fire ant bites, to scraped knees with a little diaper rash in between, we’ve been giving this healing balm a run for it’s money. I love that it is USDA certified organic and works like a charm. We’ve used it on all the ailments listed above and one burn from the hot glue gun. Does any child ever believe that hot glue is actually hot? I think not. I think they all have to experience it for themselves. The balm has quieted the wounds and aided healing nicely. Whew!

Preschool girl helping brother by applying The Honest Company healing balm. I’m not sure if she was more interested in playing with the healing balm or the band aid that followed, but I’m pretty sure that “caring for brother was not her ultimate goal.

Face and Body Lotion – This might be my favorite product sample. I’m in love with the light “baby powdery” scent of this lotion that makes your hands feel moist without feeling slimy. While I did use this on toddler boy and preschool girl and it treated their skin very gently, I was selfish and used the majority of it for myself. I’m the big dry skin sufferer in this house and loved that I could type and work my touchscreen devices with no residue just moments after application.

Hand Soap – I received the lemongrass scent and must admit, I don’t care for it. The soap itself is a “thin” soap that lathers and washes off easily. I love that quality because there is very little tougher than balancing a toddler on one knee while trying to wash thick, gooey hand soap off both your hands. I just can not get over the scent. To me, it smells “medicinal.”

Diapers – The Honest Company diapers do not disappoint. From the awesome designs, to the fit, to the “hold” (if you know what I mean), these diapers impressed me. When really packing (if you were sitting next to me I’d be nudging you with my elbow by now), we did see a small amount of gapping on the inside of the legs. But like I said, this only occurred when the diaper was beyond full.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… The Honest Company baby care products are produced with the utmost concern for the health and safety of your children and they promise “no harsh chemicals (ever).” Their goal is the same as yours: to protect our little ones. The fact that their products are wonderfully effective and have stylish packaging is icing on the cake. They have also produced these products at reasonable costs. While many natural and organic options are cost prohibitive, The Honest Company delivers their products at a competitive price point. I am ordering more cupcake shampoo (at the request of both kiddos) and body lotion (for me). I’m also going to order additional wipes and try the hand sanitizer, both of which are on preschool girl’s school supply list for fall.

Not to Buy… I must admit, the scent of the hand soap will prevent me from future purchases of that particular product. Also, if you have a little one with sensitive eyes like toddler boy, you may want to be careful to avoid the eye area with the shampoo and wash.

Shop! The Honest Company now offers 17 products you can order a-la-carte in their online shop. You can also receive a free trial of the baby bundle or the household products bundle.

Thanks to The Honest Company for providing samples.
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    I am so glad you covered so many items in your review! I just love the idea behind this company and the a la carte shopping is fabulous! I admit, I usually order things when I need them and rarely plan in advance. Maybe we’re not the only ones? I really hope this company succeeds!

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      I hope this company succeeds, too! If only for the premise behind it…safer products for our kiddos. ; )

  2. 2.

    I loved ALL of the products that I sampled. Especially the healing balm and the wipes. The lotion is silk soft on my skin and my daughter’s skin. And scent is great too.

    I liked the diapers as well but thought they fit small. I may have to go up one size.

    thanks for posting this review!


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    Thank you so much for your post. I have been debating purchasing these products, but I defiantly will be trying them now. I personally like the idea of monthly delivery. I hate running out or having to worry about buying everything, I haven’t tried it yet so we will see if I actually like it.

  4. 4.

    I loved my honest company free trial but in being honest with myself I knew we couldn’t afford to continue it. I’ll stick with my home wash cloth diapers until someone finds an affordable way to do what the honest company does. 🙁 One toddler is expensive enough but with another on the way there was no way we could swing this.

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    I was very unhappy with the honest company. I ordered a sample pack and didn’t care for it. The diapers don’t stay on very well and they don’t hold much. Way to expensive for the quality. But hey you don’t like them then you can always cancel service, which I thought I did. The website said I was not enrolled in any bundle service and no orders had been placed. A few days latter I checked my debit card and 200.00 had been took out by them. I live on 240.00 a month…. There goes my sons Christmas, I can’t even afford cheap diapers now. 🙁

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    amber addison

    Hi, thank you for your review. I was wondering how many diapers and wipes came with the sample pack?

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      Amber, If I am remembering correctly, the wipes package had approximately 10 in it and there were 5 diapers in the sample pack. Hope this helps!

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    Katie Wood

    I recently requested samples of products from The Honest Co. I received the samples and look forward to trying them on my baby when he/she arrives.

    What I wasn’t looking forward to was an automatic subscription into their program. I called to see why I was receiving additional products I did not order and their “trial program” was explained to me. I did not understand that by ordering samples I was enrolling in a program.

    What kind of company enrolls you in a subscription of their products when you ask to sample the product. At least give me time to try it and see if I like it before assuming I want to buy it on a consistent basis.

    Because of this stunt, I will not be ordering from The Honest Co.

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      Sonia Hoy

      This is my feeling too. I am shocked that they would do something like that. I ordered some bug spray and the free trial and all of a sudden I get an e-mail weeks later telling me that my shipment is being processed? What shipment? Next thing I know, I’m now in some kind of subscription hell. What the heck? I am immediately calling this company as soon as they are open and canceling. Very sneaky of them and not so “honest”. Way to slip that in there and start automatically charging hardworking people trying to provide for their families. Shame on you Honest Company.

  8. 8.

    If you look on the webiste, it clearly says if you order trial stuff, you have 7 days from time of delivery to try it and cancel, otherwise, your next shipment comes. I do not like that idea and i think they should remove that idea. I think trial pieces should come then you make the decision if you want to keep ordering. I have recently ordered a few things such as dish soap, hand soap, liquid bathsoap/shampoo, oil for dry skin, and the cleaning solutions. So far I have tried everything except cleaning solution and I like it all. Soap does not dry my hands out and laundry detergent does not break me out like so may other detergents. I will be trying the cleaning stuff on my stove tomorrow. I like the products and will continue to order when I need to. I dont think Im going to do teh bundle thing because I hate monthly bills

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      You can also buy items individually on the Honest Company website under the “Shop” heading. Also, many Honest Company products are for sale at zulily!

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