Max is Six Months Old!

By Kate |

I cannot believe it has been six months since Max was born. Six months! Half a year! How is it possible? And, seriously, how is it possible to get cuter by the day? Not that I’m biased or anything…

Max has pretty much been living in Carter’s onesies and pants all six months of his life. What can I say? They’re cute (cuter than when my other kids were babies), inexpensive and comfortable. But, Max stepped up his style game and wore jeans for the first time on his actual six month birthday. I think it’s appropriate to step it up for your half birthday. He even wore some Jemos shoes for the occasion.

Over the weekend we switched out Max’s infant car seat for a convertible car seat. (If you’re curious, he’ll be sitting in his sister’s hand-me-down Britax Advocate CS.) He was just getting much too heavy to carry in the seat so I often took him out of the seat anyway. I will miss the convenience of being able to place the car seat in the stroller when he’s sleeping but my arm is very thankful for the switch.

My arm after carrying the infant seat from a restaurant to the car. Ouch!

Max is now the proud owner of one tooth with a second so.close and I wish it would just come through to give Max some relief. His brother’s first tooth appeared at 8 months and his sister’s at 11 months so I was shocked when Max got his first one at 5.5 months. I shouldn’t have been surprised, though, as Max seems determined to do everything BIGGER, FASTER and STRONGER than his siblings did.

He moves like it’s his job. He’s not technically crawling yet, but he can get anywhere he wants. He has mastered an army crawl so he can cross the living room in about 5 seconds flat. He’s also perfecting his downward facing dog yoga position, which won’t help him get anywhere but to ohm.

Max at Six Months Old

  • Weight: 19.5 pounds (officially more than his brother weighed at 12 months!)
  • Length: TBD, doctor appointment next week
  • New Trick: sitting without leaning, rocking on all fours, army crawling across the floor
  • Big Adventures: cutting teeth, trip to The Netherlands

I’ve been taking a picture of Max every month in a laundry basket. It’s a fun way to get a real idea of how much he’s growing. It’s beginning to be a bit of a challenge though, as this month all he wanted to do was climb out of the basket.


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  1. 1.

    OMG. I’m sitting here in the dark totally crying. When did our babies get so big? That laundry basket thing is what did me in. OMG, look at him!

    {wipes tears}

    He is so beautiful. Those cheeks go on for DAYS and I want to smooch them, dammit! Why did ya have to go and move to Europe ‘n stuff? Don’t you know Max & Violet have to be boyfriend/girlfriend so we can be in-laws together? 🙂

    • .

      I love the laundry basket thing, too, because I lose perspective of just how much he is growing.
      And, yes, let’s set a wedding date, shall we?

  2. 2.

    Your super over achiever child! LOL! I still can’t believe how much he can do and how big he is! There are some pics I see so much of your daughter and then others a spitting image of your son.

    When did our babies start growing so fast?

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  3. 3.

    Aww Kate… He is so sweet!! I love your writing too, so fun!

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      Thanks, Meghan!

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