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theBabaSling Organic from Joovy {Review}

By Kate |

As much as I love wearing baby Max, sometimes it’s more of a necessity than a choice. Between walking to and from the bus stop every day, running errands on base with three kids, going to various sports lessons, and keeping up our home… wearing baby Max is a must. Also a must? Something that’s simple and quick to “wear” so I can quickly get Max settled so we can be on our way. My current go-to carrier that I keep stashed in the car is Joovy’s theBabaSling.

Meet theBabaSling

This hammock style sling is perfectly shaped to support a newborn’s developing spine while providing essential closeness and bonding between parent and baby.  With five carrying positions and easily adjustable straps (can be worn on right or left shoulder), theBabaSling is so easy to use it can be safely shared with grandparents, older siblings and caregivers.

theBabaSling Specs

  • Minimum Age: 0 months+
  • Maximum Age: 2 years
  • Minimum Weight: 7.7 lbs+
  • Maximum Weight: 33 lbs
  • Classic/Print/Organic Sling Weight: 1.04 lbs
  • Lite Sling Weight: 0.79 lbs


I’ve been wearing Max since, well, about the moment we got home from the hospital. With three kids, it’s pretty much a necessity, right? But, despite my experience, when we’re in a rush (which I always seem to be with three kids!) I need something simple. Simple and quick. After an initial adjustment and fitting, theBabaSling is incredibly quick and easy. I simply pull it over my head, put one arm through, slide Max in, and we’re off! Even though it’s an easy-to-use sling, theBabaSling has some features that really set it apart from others.

I absolutely LOVE all the padding. The top rail and bottom rail of theBabaSling as well as a large shoulder area are all padded for comfort. Having used a traditional, non-padded sling and theBabaSling, I can assure you the padding makes a difference. A big, comfortable, save your side and shoulder difference. The Sling has a quick-release buckle so you can easily transfer baby from your body to the crib if he falls asleep. There’s also an added second buckle for security.

TheBabaSling is adjustable, so it’s one size fits all. It’s easy to adjust so you can switch among parents and caregivers.  The sling comes with a very informative and helpful manual to help get the fit right. It also includes photos describing various ways to carry baby and the appropriate positions based on baby’s age. We’ve been primarily using the Side Saddle (pictured below) and Koala Cuddle positions with Max. There’s a pocket to grab which really helps adjust baby’s position, too.

The small size and weight of theBabaSling can’t be overstated. It folds up quite compactly and fits inside an included carrying pouch. I leave the Sling in my car so I always have it with me.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… theBabaSling is a great option for both beginning and expert babywearers. It’s super easy to use and has become my go-to method of wearing Max for life on the go. The Sling is lightweight, comfortable and offers many ways to keep you and baby comfortable. This is the best Sling I’ve used and it’s the easiest baby carrier I’ve used to get on correctly, quickly (compared to a soft sided carrier, for example).

Or Not to Buy… While I have used this on family walks, it’s not the best option for longer trips as I find it gets a little uncomfortable after about 45 minutes or so. (As one would expect when carrying a 20 pound baby!)

Shop! theBabaSling by Joovy is available in a variety of colors for $99.99, as well as the Organic and Daydream for $119.99. You can purchase directly from Joovy and also our affiliate Amazon. We’re also super pleased to share that Joovy has launched in the UK at Joovy.co.uk! The company now ships many of its strollers throughout Europe – including Germany! – for FREE. Make sure you follow Joovy on Twitter and like them on Facebook to keep up with the latest product information.

Thanks to Joovy for providing a sample.


Kate started The Shopping Mama™ in January 2009 when, after graduating law school, she traded in online legal research and writing for locating the best products for children. She shops for three kids ages 7, 5 and 2 from their home in Japan. Her military family is making the most of back-to-back overseas assignments by traveling every chance they get.

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