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Anyone who has traveled on an airplane with a child knows that it can be challenging. To put it mildly. In addition to bringing everything and the kitchen sink merely to survive a weekend at Grandma’s you have to entertain kids and keep them happy in less than ideal conditions. One item we can’t compromise on and is simply a must have for traveling is a child’s car seat. It’s obviously a necessity at your destination and the FAA recommends children under 40 pounds sit in a car seat while on the plane so checking the seat like luggage isn’t the best option.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be an extra burden to bring along your car seat. Indeed, two Go Go Babyz products prove having the car seat can actually make airplane travel with kids a bit easier. The gogo Kidz TravelMate and Car Seat Luggage Strap are two very different products that both allow you to easily navigate through airports (and beyond) with your child safely strapped in their convertible car seat. We put both to the test and are sharing the pros and cons of each, including a video comparison.

gogo Kidz TravelMate

The gogo Kidz TravelMate is a small platform with wheels that attaches to your car seat, allowing you to easily pull the car seat through the airport.

To Buy… The gogoKidz TravelMate weighs only 5 pounds on its own, and lays flat to keep in your car and stow on the airplane. It has a telescoping handle to allow comfortable pulling through the airport. The 5 inch wheels provide a surprisingly smooth ride and make it surprisingly easy to maneuver. The racheting, quick-release strap allows for easy attachment and removal from a car seat. It’s compatible with a variety of convertible car seats and can be used until your child weighs 50 pounds.

Or Not to Buy… The gogoKidz TravelMate costs $90, making it a bit of an investment.

Go Go Babyz Car Seat Luggage Strap

The Car Seat Luggage Strap is a simple strap that securely attaches your convertible car seat to your carry on luggage. Your luggage wheels

To Buy… The Car Seat Luggage Strap essentially turns your carry on luggage into a stroller. The Strap is super light weight and small making it a breeze to stow when not in use or on the airplane. It is compatible with most car seats and requires the top tether strap for a secure hold. It’s compatible with most bags 13 to 20 inches tall and can be used until a child weighs 40 pounds. It only costs $20.

Or Not to Buy… The Car Seat Luggage Strap is more difficult to maneuver and pull than the gogo Kidz TravelMate as it relies on the luggage for wheels and adds weight and bulk to your bag.

gogo Kidz TravelMate vs Car Seat Luggage Strap Video

We put both the gogo Kidz TravelMate and Car Seat Luggage Strap to the test and are demonstrating them in this video. Take a look to see which is best for your traveling needs.

The Verdict?

If you travel often, the gogo Babyz TravelMate is a must have. Honestly, if you plan to travel more than a time or two while your child is riding in a convertible car seat we highly recommend the TravelMate. It is, simply put, a lifesaver. For less frequent use, the Car Seat Luggage Strap is a smart solution to navigating the airport with a car seat.

Both GoGo Babyz travel products make a parent’s life easier. Your child can remain in the comfort and safety of his car seat both in the airport, on the airplane and when you arrive at your destination. And, of course, you don’t have to lug a car seat through an airport.

Shop! Visit GoGo Babyz for more information and to check out the other smart products for parents. The gogo Babyz TravelMate has a suggested price of $89 but is available for less than $70 from our affiliate Amazon. The Car Seat Luggage Strap is $19 on Amazon.

Thanks to Go Go Babyz for providing samples.




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