Max is Seven Months Old

By Kate |

Oh my Max. What a joy he is, this boy.

It’s hard to overstate what a good baby Max is. (During the day. The night is an entirely different story. The sun goes down, the baby-crazy comes out.) It’s as if he knows not to give me more than I can handle, and when the older two kids are running me ragged Max is entertaining himself in the corner with a ball, or rolling around under the coffee table or giggling at the loud noises his brother and sister make.

My mom is visiting and it’s been so fun to see them interact. Having another adult around has highlighted the fact that Max definitely prefers me. He always seems to have one eye on me no matter who’s holding him. And, my to my delight, he leans for me and reaches up for me to hold him. Makes my heart melt a little bit.

He’s holding firm at two bottom teeth, but is really not into solids at all. I don’t think he’s lacking for calories or nutrients (hello, thighs!cheeks!), but I am making a real effort to offer him more solids twice  a day. It’s not an issue now, but I’m nervous that if he doesn’t start to eat more that it may become an issue at some point.

His primary mode of getting around is army crawling. He is trying so.hard to crawl, but he just rocks for a bit, moves one arm forward and then plops down on his belly. In just the past couple days he’s started pulling up on things – the coffee table, my leg and his crib. Yes, this photo is the reason why we’re moving the crib mattress down ASAP.

Max at Seven Months Old

  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Length: 28 inches
  • New Trick: pushing from laying down to sitting up, sitting up realllllly straight, starting to pull up on things
  • Big Adventures: Traveling to France


Poor thing is looking a little uncomfortable in this month’s laundry basket picture.

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    Those cheeks are SOO ADORABLE!

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    Debbie P

    I can’t get enough of him; he is SO cute!

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    He is absolutely adorable!

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    He is so precious! I love how old he looks in the second pic with the sweater on! I can’t believe how much he can do already!

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