Max is Eight Months Old!

By Kate |

Is it really already November? Because, I’m pretty sure the last time I checked it was the summer and now it’s snowing and winter-y and the holidays are just around the corner and, seriously, it’s November. Which means my baby is 8 months old. EIGHT!

Max is still growing like a weed and shows no signs of stopping. After a slow start with solids, he seems to have discovered that food is good. Even so, he only eats two solid meals a day and gets the majority of his calories from breastfeeding. Even with his THREE teeth (!), breastfeeding is still going really well. His third tooth (first on the top, after two on the bottom) finally broke through last week. I think the second top tooth will cut within the week.

His size still surprises me. He’s outgrown many 6 – 12 months size pants already, which I love, but is a totally foreign concept to me as my babies have never been big.

After, literally three months of scooting and army-style crawling, Max is finally crawling for real on all fours. It’s so cute and just crazy to see him moving like he does. It makes him seem so old. He’s also working his arm muscles by pulling up on everything possible – my legs, the coffee table, the dresser, you name it.

Last week we also hit a few Halloween parties and went trick-or-treating in our village. Max was a great sport and was a very intimidating Big Bad Wolf to his big sister’s Little Red Riding Hood.

All the demands of being a wolf on the prowl wore him out, though, and he passed out in the sling.

I feel like Max is on the cusp of so many cool things – for example, he’s starting clapping and I swear he rocks and “dances” to music – but I would love to freeze him in time right now. (He has also waves, but refuses to do it on command. Apparently he’s not a performer.) He’s just so darn sweet and lovable. He breaks into his big, gummy, dimple-y grin for anyone who talks to him and generally makes my day brighter just by being around.

I feel like he’s the gift I didn’t know I needed, a blessing I didn’t wish for or deserve. I don’t know what I’d do without him.

The feeling is mutual, kid.

Max at Eight Months Old

  • Weight: 22.5 pounds
  • Length: 29 inches
  • New Trick: CRAWLING!, pulling up to his knees, clapping,
  • Big Adventures: a two week visit from grandma, trip to Rothenburg and Garmisch, first Halloween


Poor thing is looking a little uncomfortable in this month’s laundry basket picture.

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    Meghan Getgood

    Your words are exactly how I feel about my Jack. God really does know what we need- I’m pretty sure having my surprise made me love and appreciate my older two blessings even more!! I love Max and what he brings to your adorable family! Miss you guys! I also love the laundry basket idea- I might steal that if God has another divine intervention with my uterus!! Max- stay cute and little as long as you can for your mommy!! Happy eight months you adorable lil dude!!!

    • .

      Thank you, Meghan! The move here has been a little rough, and I swear there have been days when hugging and snuggling Max is what gets me through. We miss you guys, too. Love to the Getgoods!

  2. 2.

    My little surprise is 7 months old, I found out I was pregnant and a few weeks later my dad passed away VERY unexpectedly. And while its bittersweet, she is our our light, our little Grace, and the spitting image of my dad (and I am already pretty sure she is going to act just like him lol)

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