Max is Nine Months Old!

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My older kids get really excited on the first of every month. “It’s Maxi’s birthday!” my four year old daughter tells anyone who will listen. I don’t correct them and, instead, join in the excitement because I know the monthly milestones will soon be over and we’ll be referring to Max’s age in years and not months. The month “birthdays” seem to come quicker and quicker these days and it really feels like we’re just around the corner from his real birthday. Yes, in less than three months Max will be one. Pretty unbelievable.

I’m so upset that we have another month without the Sticky Bellies sticker shot. I had the sticker out the other day and somehow it got misplaced before I got a good photo of Max. My money is on my daughter. I’m certain the sticker will appear in one of her 10 million purses or on one of her 10 million babies. But, sadly, this update is sans belly sticker. Luckily I gathered lots of my favorite recent pictures of Max to share.

Update December 12: Look what I found!

Yay! And now back to the original post…

The past month was a lot of more of the same for Max: more growing, more eating, more playing, more milestones. Max also experienced his first real cold. Poor thing had some rough nights, including a few with that awful croup sounding cough. Of course, Max getting sick came just days after we’d finally gotten into a good sleep routine where he was only waking once a night. Now he’s back to waking to nurse two or three times a night. Oh well, I will sleep some day…

Max loves to play in his room. It’s a safe place for him to crawl around and explore and he loves pulling all the books off the shelves and playing with them.

He also loves clapping and playing peek-a-boo.

Max now pulls up to standing on anything strong enough to hold him. He even started crawling up the stairs the other day, which scares me to no end! Our stairs are so not baby-friendly. Luckily we have doors we can shut to block off the stairs, but I definitely need to find some secure baby gate options.

In early November, ESPN was here on base for a basketball game. We went to see a live taping of SportsCenter and got to meet Hannah Storm. She was enamored with Max, naturally. I think Max thought she was pretty cool, too.

Max at Nine Months Old

  • Weight: 24.2 pounds
  • Length: 29.5 inches
  • New Trick: Pulling up to standing, cruising, saying “dada”
  • Big Adventures: Christmas markets in the cold, first Thanksgiving


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    Max is such a cutie and is getting so big! How are our babies growing up so fast?
    And so sorry to hear about your sleep woes. 🙁 Hopefully this month will be better!

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      Thank you Anastasia! He truly is a joy. I just adore him!

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