Easy Crafts to Repurpose Christmas Cards

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While we love these 6 Simple Ways to Display Holiday Cards, at the end of the season, you’re still left with a stack of holiday cards. Our friends and family put time, effort and money into that stack of cards – and they’re gorgeous and festive and colorful so don’t throw them away! We have some easy ways to re-use the cards next holiday season and an easy way to keep them organized year after year.

6 Easy Crafts to Repurpose Christmas Cards

1. Make an annual Holiday Card Wreath,

2. Reuse pretty cards to make Wine Gift Labels.

3. Decorate your tree with cards turned into Easy Paper Ornaments.

4. Create festive holiday decor: Christmas Card Trees.

5. Save and display cards every year using a metal ring. (See below)

6. Personalize presents with Monogram Labels.


When I saw this pin, I knew I had found my way to save and display my holiday cards every year. In other words: the easiest way ever to save Christmas cards!

All you need is a metal craft ring and a hole punch. The craft rings are available at craft stores, office supply stores, office or craft section of Target stores and online at our affiliate Amazon.

As cards arrive in the mail (or at the end of the season when you’re packing away Christmas goodies), punch a hole in the corner and place cards on a metal ring. Embellish the ring with ribbon or washi tape. Or, keep it simple and punch festive shapes into coordinated paper to add to the front of your stack.

Easy Way to Display and Save Christmas Cards

I cut some stars and the year from one of our extra Christmas cards. We loved flipping through the cards to look at friends and guests often picked up the packet of colorful cards to check them out, too. I especially like including the year at the front and plan to do so in the future to create an annual keepsake of all the cards we receive from friends and family near and far.


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Simple Holiday Card Displays

Image sources: BHG.com, Write.Click.Scrapbook., MarthaStewart.com. Original source for metal ring unknown.


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    This is a fabulous idea Kate! I never want to throw them away but don’t know what to do with them either. 🙂

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    Jenny Sims

    Similar to the wreath, we used last year’s holiday cards to decorate this year’s department bulletin board at work – we cut out similar sized circles to become the border of our board. It looked great!

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    What fun ideas! We get so many cards, I feel bad about throwing them away!

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    Kate, these are great ideas! Love them. Kids would surely love these. 🙂

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    Wow, these are some awesome ideas. Thanks for sharing, I will utilize some of these.

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