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By Laura |

I know, I know… two videos in a row makes me look very lazy.  But I swear this is a good one!

I’ve debated in the past with parents who believed that daycare and nannies were just parents’ way of allowing someone else to raise their children.  I have been flabbergasted by the belief that sending my son to daycare could be considered anything but a way of parenting my child myself – my parenting decision was just to give him a place to socialize, learn, and negotiate the world outside his front door.  (And of course, all those goals can be accomplished by SAHMs, too.)

But my mistake was that I sometimes failed to admit that I wasn’t alone in raising Charlie.  Sure, I have his amazing dad.  But I also have Miss Angie, Miss Brittany, Miss Jackie, Miss Kate, and the rest of the staff at his daycare who spend every weekday with him.  They are our partners – we work together to reenforce rules and lessons at home and at school. They’ve met a lot of kids, so their sound advice is based on years of experience and has often been a source of comfort to a first-time mom like me.  My son talks and counts and jumps and hugs and throws his head back to laugh and laugh and laugh.  He does all of these things because he’s happy, whether he’s with his parents or at daycare.

It might sound cliche, but the whole “taking a village” thing is pretty accurate.  And as our society evolves into something where the definition of family is being expanded to include all of the different ways in which we love and care for each other as people, so should the definition of who is in the village. Charlie knows that I’m his one and only mommy, but that I’m not his exclusive source of comfort, information, and fun.

I can’t thank his teachers enough for letting him know that he’s always supported by people who care.  So I’ll just let Amy Poehler do it for me:



Laura is mommy to Charlie, who was born in April 2011. If you are in Philadelphia and spot a woman on the bus who is balancing an active toddler and the largest canvas tote that L.L. Bean makes, you've probably spotted her. Always up for a challenge, Laura enjoys her day job as a fundraiser, cooking healthy meals at home for her family, and her new workout hobby - running.

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  1. 1.

    It DOES take a village!…whether it’s family, neighbors, friends or our wonderful daycare teachers. It is OUR version of the little village.

    Unless you live in the middle of nowhere, with no grandparents, no extended family, no town close by, no neighbors, then you are using a little village to help you…

  2. 2.

    I’m not complaining about videos – you keep sharing awesome ones that everyone should watch.

    And this video is just another example of why Amy P rocks! And, I agree, it takes a village. Even if we have to create a new one every time we move!

  3. 3.

    It does take a village. Reminds me of a recent post online in an article about how women feeling like they’re failing their kids nowadays more than ever… when our culture used to look VERY different with everyone involved in parenting the child. The people in your community, you, friends, family.

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