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early lingo logoThough the company may deny it, I’m pretty sure Early Lingo was created for my family. Early Lingo is a total language immersion animated DVD program designed to teach “the basic foundation” of a foreign language. While it is targeted for children 6 months through five years old, I assure you that I’ve learned some new German vocabulary, too.

How Early Lingo Works

Early Lingo DVDs are available for ESL, Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish and German. The DVDs are organized into familiar every day settings and scenarios (park, farm, market, etc) that incorporate the most basic and useful words. The Total Immersion Method means the DVDs use only the foreign language and not a single word of English (unless you’re learning ESL, of course). The videos use authentic language speakers who clearly define objects and actions, making it easy for young viewers to learn by association.

Early Lingo German DVDs

Each DVD is about 30 minutes long and includes animated pals Jojo and Lulu, the perfect combination for capturing and keeping your child’s interest. Early Lingo uses techniques to maintain a child’s attention and easily and obviously identify things through images. Some the Early Lingo DVD features, include:

  • Engaging animation
  • Upbeat music
  • Vivid colors
  • Live action videos
  • Repetitive action and language

Early Lingo German Immersion DVDs

Take a peek at a glimpse of one of the German lessons.

Of course, living in Germany we have a vested interest in learning the language. But there are many benefits to learning a foreign language. According to Early Lingo,

“Studies show that children who are bilingual or multilingual perform better in other academic areas and adjust to new situations more easily later in life. These children statistically earn higher scores in SATs (both math and verbal), show significant gains in IQ performance, and exhibit advanced mental flexibility and superiority in concept formation compared to their monolingual counterparts.”

Our Experience

I absolutely love these DVDs and the kids do, too. All three kids have watched an half-hour long DVD together on more than one occasion. It’s nearly impossible to find an age-appropriate program to entertain a 14 month old, 4 year old and 6 year old, but Early Lingo manages to do it – all the while teaching basic German words. We are slowly working our way through all six DVDs because we watch each several times before introducing a new one. The

We have a DVD player in our van that we save for longer rides and the Early Lingo DVDs have proven to be perfect for road trips. I love hearing the older two yell out German words in unison. Max doesn’t speak much English, but I know he’s benefitting by hearing the German words and phrases on the DVD and from his older siblings. And, like I mentioned, I have learned a word or two myself!

Because the program is Total Immersion, I really appreciate that Early Lingo provides DVD Translation Guides online. These serve as a sort of check list for me to review the words and phrases in each lesson outside of the DVD. My 6 year old has German class once a week at school so these conversations and the videos are good reinforcement for him. The DVDs and follow up conversations from the Translation Guides are my 4 year old’s only real learning access to the language and it’s really impressive how many words she’s already picked up.

Early Lingo is a great, entertaining method to teach the basics of a foreign language to a young child. It’s perfect for any family, but specifically military families like ours who often live around the world. Before long my kids will be translating for me when we’re out and about in Germany!

Shop! Early Lingo DVDs are available from our affiliate Amazon.com. Single DVDs are $19.99 and a set of six is $99.99.

Thanks to Early Lingo for providing a sample.



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