Poppy Drops Temporary Tattoo Earrings

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My four year old daughter is obsessed with getting her ears pierced. Initially I was hopeful that this was a little phase she’d get over, but here we are six months later and she still asks about getting earrings. This common girl mama problem was the inspiration for Poppy Drops: temporary tattoo pierce-free earrings that add a little bling to the ears with no pain and no maintenance.

Poppy Drops Tattoo Earrings

Poppy Drops tattoo earrings go on like typical temporary tattoos – with a little water and only a few minutes time – but are made from food grade vegetable dyes with little one’s safety in mind. The earrings should last for about a week and can be removed with baby oil or rubbing alcohol.

Poppy Drops Temporary Tattoo Earrings Starter Set


We think these tattoo earrings are a great way to put off the earring debate – at least for a little bit. They’re fun, colorful and easy to change.

Shop! Poppy Drops earrings are reasonably priced, starting with a mini tub of 3 pairs for $4. Collections are 12 pairs for about $8. At $23, the Starter Kit is a good deal – 3 original collections (36 pairs) plus an applicator.

What do you think about Poppy Drops? A good alternative to pierced ears or silly?



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    I think these sound awesome! Ariana want her ears pierced too but I’m putting it off a little longer and these would be great! Keeping these in mind for sure!

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    vickie couturier

    how cute,my grandaughters would love these

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