Chasing Fireflies has been on of our go-to destinations for Halloween costumes and holiday supplies (like Easter and Valentine’s Day). Now we can add “Back to School” as another occasion to visit and shop Chasing Fireflies online. Chasing Fireflies has a great collection of gear and gifts to make back to school cool. We’re delighted to share our top picks for back to school 2013.

School Days: A Keepsake Journal

School Days Memory Book Tradition with Chasing Fireflies

As a military family we move very frequently. On the one hand, all those moves give us the opportunity to weed through our things and get rid of stuff we don’t need. Every move my husband and I have a conversation about my overflowing drawer of the kids’ school stuff. From report cards to special projects to adorable artwork, I really want to keep it all. But, if I’m behind honest, it’s just not possible and, frankly, I don’t have an organized system at all for maintaining it. That’s why I’m super excited to start a new school tradition with my daughter this year: the School Days Keepsake Journal.

School Days Keepsake Book from Chasing Fireflies

The book has dedicated pages for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade to record basic information about the school year like teacher, school name, and school picture.

School Days Keepsake Journal

There’s also a pocket for special recommended keepsakes such as a tracing of her hand, class valentine, and a note to her future self. This is probably my favorite part of the book. It encourages keeping traditional samples (like report card), but also really personal memorabilia that tells the story of your child.

School Keepsake Book

Of course, the best part is I can keep all of this sentimental information in one sweet book that will happily go with on move after move until my daughter graduates high school!
School Days Keepsake Journal

Note: It appears this version is now longer available, but this is an alternate School Days Journal at Chasing Fireflies.

Mini Lunch Notes

Mini Lunch Notes

This school year I’ll be packing 12 (yes, twelve!) lunches a week. I am pretty much the worst at making kids’ lunches so this number is totally overwhelming to me. But, I have to say I’m excited about surprising my first grader with some random lunch notes with the help of the Mini Lunch Notes. The bright and cheerful pack includes three different designs and silly coordinating stickers to decorate lunch contents.

Lunch Notes from Chasing Fireflies

Maybe my sad sandwiches will be more exciting with funny stickers on the container?

Mini Lunch Notes from Chasing Fireflies

Personalized Chuck Taylors

I’m not going to lie, these Personalized Chuck Taylors are just about the coolest thing that’s ever happened to shoes. My family is all about Chucks because my dad loved and wore them obsessively; my sister, brother and I even wore them at his funeral. But, none of us have ever had a pair quite like my son’s!

They may be called “Chucks”, but in our house now these classic shoes are called “Jacks”.

Personalized Chuck Taylors

Chasing Fireflies has many personalization options for the shoes: high-top or low-top, shoe color, design, and text color. The personalization adds a bit to the cost of the traditional Chuck Taylors, but we think it’s totally worth it. No one else at school is going to have shoes this cool, that’s for sure!

Personalized Chuck Taylors

Personalized Schultüte

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fantastic Personalized First Day of School Cone. It’s a German tradition to celebrate a child’s first day of school with a giant paper cone full of school supplies and treats. I tried my hand at this tradition last year and failed miserably. People, I made the ugliest schultüte in the long history of schultütes.

The schultüte from Chasing Fireflies comes in pink or blue, is personalized with your child’s name and includes a whole slew of sweet gifts and goodies.

Schultute Personalized First Day of School Cone

Shop! For the best get cool for school inspiration, check out the Chasing Fireflies Back to School 2013 Pinterest Board. Here’s the scoop on our favorites. The School Years Keepsake Journal is $17, Mini Lunch Notes are $10, Personalized Low-Top Chuck Taylors are $42 and the Schultüte is $59.50.

Thanks to Chasing Fireflies for providing samples.



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  1. 1.

    If you really failed that miserably last year, you’re wise to just let Chasing Fireflies help you out this year. 🙂

    You sure found some wonderful things through their store which isn’t hard. It’s FABULOUS!

  2. 2.

    LYou didn’t really fail that miserably. I remember that post thinking I couldn’t do any better. But I like your thinking about just purchasing one. If you haven’t been hit with the crafty stick (and I am one of those people) it is a much less stressful way to go. Bummer about the School Days version you got being gone, hopefully the other one is just as good! Love the personalized Chuck Taylors!

  3. 3.

    Those personalized Chucks are the BEST! I also love the school book for all those pictures, report cards and more that they come home with!

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  5. 5.

    What cool ideas! I love the book idea, love documenting life, wish I had known about that a couple of years ago. Gonna go check out lunch notes though, I write a note for each home made lunch that Miss A takes to school and haven’t missed one yet, this would make it even more fun and a little easier on me too!!

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