Flying Nanny. Best Idea Ever?!

By Catherine |

Flying Nanny on a Plane
Recently Etihad Airlines has launched a new “guest first” option of getting a Flying Nanny to help entertain kids during flights. I know what you’re thinking. Would I pay for that? How much would that cost? Well it’s absolutely free! Free, I tell you! You don’t even have to be in first class to take advantage of this! What do you think of that?

“Do you ever wish that more help was available with children on long-haul flights, so you can sit back and have a little ‘me time’? With parents and their children in mind, you’ll find our ‘Flying Nanny’ on all long-haul flights operated by Etihad Airways.”

The Flying Nanny would have crafts, toys, games, activities and entertainment for the children. All provided by a specially trained nanny from the presitigious U.K. nanny training school, Norland College.

I don’t know that I would use it all the time, but I know especially when flying with babies and toddlers (and even my preschooler at times) it would be nice to have a helping hand.

Would you use this service? Do you think this is one of the best ideas ever?

Well, until American-run airlines include the Flying Nanny (what I think is an AWESOME guest option for a better flight) here are some things to keep your kids entertained on a long flight.

Three fun travel toys for kids:

Travel Games for Preschoolers

  • Crayola Color Wonder Tote Keep artist kids busy doodling on this compact artist kit. We love color wonder since the markers only color on the paper and not clothes or anywhere else.
  • Brain Quest , Questions for Preschoolers 300 Questions to ask your kids to keep them engaged. Great for kids who want to talk nonstop. Available in my different age groups/categories.
  • Memory Travel Game Classic memory game perfect for travel.

Three fun apps for kids:

Apps to Keep Preschoolers Entertained

  • Fish School Helping preschoolers learn about numbers, shapes, colors etc using colorful fish to create the letters. Ages 2-5
  • Eric Carle’s My Very First App Eric Carle characters and artwork help kids learn Colors, Animal Homes, Numbers, Shapes, Food and Animal Sounds. Three different levels, ages 1-2, 2 and up, and 3 and up means it’s sure to grow with your child as they learn.
  • When I Grow Up Fun app for the older children who can discover lots of different things about different professions all while helping your future multilingual child to spell, read, and even make sentences. Different levels varying between ages 0-5.


Catherine is an Air Force wife enjoying the sunshine and warm weather of Arizona after 4 years of living in Germany. She loves being a mom to her 2 kids - a 6 year old little girl and 1 year old baby boy. She's always on the hunt for unique and creative finds for her littles. She loves taking photographs and documenting her family's adventures on her blog No Wooden Spoons.

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    That is genius, genius I tell you!!! Love it. But given that they’ve cut out practically every service (or charge additional) that they used to provide on American flights, I doubt that they would ever have something like this for us. Great idea though!

  2. 2.

    This idea is actually the best idea ever, I am shocked that no one came up with it sooner! Honestly SUCH a great idea!! I do however agree with previous comments, I don’t see it being free for the American flights either, it would be nice for sure! and possibly cut down on some of those “why isn’t that lady controlling her child?” looks from other passengers haha

  3. 3.

    Oh YES! This is a great idea. Flying with kids is hard. Picture this: two kids, one needs to go potty, one needs to be held, hubby is snoring… UH! This equals mom, holding baby and toddler in itty-bitty airplane potty space, trying to keep everyone from touching anything!!!

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