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Happy Parents and Kids {Mindful Mama}

By Lauren Barth |

mindful mamaDo you ever wish you could sit down and pick the parenting “experts” brains? I do. I’m all for parenting from the heart and doing what feels right for your child and your family (even if the “experts” say otherwise), but sometimes I just don’t know what to do. For example, when my two year old starts flinging spoonfuls of black bean salad over his head halfway through mealtime. He was eating so well just a moment ago. What happened? I validate his feelings of this is the best game EVER and explain that food needs to go in our belly to make us grow healthy and strong, attempt to redirect him to the remaining bites on his plate and distract him from his gleeful bean-throwing extravaganza, warn him that I’ll have to take his plate away if he continues and remind him of the positive action I desire from him (actually eating his meal), and eventually remove his plate as he wails and bursts into tears. Seriously, what am I doing wrong? I tell myself that this is normal behavior from a two-year-old. Right? He’s a well-behaved kiddo most of the time, and every child makes his mom want to pull out her hair sometimes. Right??

And about that time, I wish that I had a child psychologist or behavior specialist sitting next to me, offering tips as I parent my little guy. “Here, try this.” And it magically works. (Or something like that.) There are plenty of books on my to-read list, but with infant twins and a toddler, who has the time? So you can imagine my excitement to learn about a series of recorded interviews and discussions by a wide range of parenting “experts”. That’s way more my speed right now than reading a book cover-to-cover.

The recorded discussions are all geared towards the attachment parenting or gentle parenting philosophy, so it may not be a great fit for everyone. But I’m excited to listen in over the upcoming days and weeks.

Here’s a sample of the topics discussed.

  • Creating a Successful Child
  • How to Teach and Model Core Values to Kids
  • Are You Responsible for Your Child’s Happiness?
  • Calm Parents and Children
  • Seven Ways to “Hack” Your Baby’s Sleep
  • Joyful Parenting
  • Parenting Schmarenting
  • Loving Our Children, Loving Ourselves
  • How to Have a Peaceful and Happy Organized Life
  • Avoiding the Parent Guilt Trap
  • and lots more!

Happy Parents and Kids Virtual Summit

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    Hi Nicole,

    I can’t thank you enough for sharing my mission to your readers. I’m happy to know that you found it valuable as a parent. Wow, two infant twins and a toddler – I can only imagine how much fun that is. I have a little one myself and he’s the main reason why I’m doing this summit. I would love for your readers to stop by. The recordings are still available until next week. All they need to do is go to http://www.happyparentsandkids.com and after they enter their details, they’ll receive an email to access all the interviews and free gifts of course. Thank you!

    To happier parents and kids,

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