I Love My Peg Perego Book Plus

By Lauren Barth |

Peg Perego Book Plus Stroller Review Travel System

Before Leah was born I didn’t totally understand how one piece of baby equipment could be so much better than another. I assumed they all pretty much did the same thing and didn’t pay much attention to brands or trends. After a few months with my Peg Perego Book Plus stroller and Peg Perego Viaggio SIP car seat I have come to very much appreciate the awesomeness that is this travel system. I really absolutely love it.

It’s just easy to use. And looks great. And rides so smoothly. And folds up so simply. And steers so one-handedly.

peg perego book plus stroller with car seat

My big girl has graduated to be able to ride in the stroller seat of the Book Plus, not just in the infant seat attached to the frame. I am glad to have the option to still attach the car seat to the frame when convenient but am happy to have that roomy, comfy seat for her to stretch out and relax in. We didn’t go very many places for a few months so our use of the system was very limited, but recently we’ve been strolling on all kinds of adventures.  We even took the Book on a mini-vacation to a nearby resort, where I got a real taste of the Book Plus convenience and style.

peg perego book plus

I love that as a travel system, we can use either the stroller seat or attach the infant car seat, depending on the situation and which is more convenient. I really love that the actual stroller seat comes off and the car seat attaches directly to the chassis and not on top of the seat. When we are running errands and she falls asleep between stops, it’s so easy to pop the big seat off and snap the car seat and sleeping baby right on. If she’s awake at the next stop, we can just snap the big seat back on the frame and load her up. That part has me spoiled, so much that I always opt to take it, despite it’s large frame in the car, over a smaller more compact stroller.  It’s not all that compact, I have to say. Folded up it takes up about half of the back of my stationwagon. That has never discouraged me from taking it, but it is a little bulky. It’s also not super light, at about 23 pounds. It’s clearly well made though, so I feel like the size and weight is justified for the quality and comfort.

peg perego book plus stroller

The seat faces forward or back, so depending on where you’re headed and what there is to look at, baby can look ahead at where you’re going or back at mom and dad. The seat has multiple reclining positions and even can lie flat to accomodate newborns. The harness and buckle are easy to use and adjust as baby grows. The hood is very large, which is important to me, as it’s almost always sunny here. It folds all the way back so she can enjoy the breeze, but also extends down far enough to provide total shade. The Book Plus comes with a padded foot muff, which will come in handy this winter.

peg perego book plus stroller love

Now that I’m an old pro (I kid, that’s my sister) I can manipulate the easy one handed fold up of the Book Plus. It just takes one squeeze and the system practically folds itself. It’s just as easy to unfold. I can actually pull it out of the back of my car and stand it up in one quick, one-handed motion.  The handle bar is adjustable so my much taller husband and I can both push comfortably. The basket underneath is big enough to hold my diaper bag or a large purse or shopping bag. It’s perfect for the farmers market, I just load up the bottom basket and keep my hands free. My favorite part of the basket is that the bar in the back flips down to easily load or unload your goods without a struggle.

I couldn’t be happier with this stroller and would recommend the Peg Perego Book Plus and Viaggio SIP travel system to anyone. It’s not cheap, but it’s not cheaply made. The Book Plus sells for about $500, and the travel system $750. If you’re in the market for a high-quality, luxury travel system for your little one, Peg Perego is the way to go.

For more on my experience with Peg Perego, check out Peg Perego Book Plus Stroller and Primo Viaggo SIP 30-30 getting ready for baby post and going home from the hospital in the Primo Viaggo SIP 30-30 infant car seat.

Shop! The Peg Perego Book Plus travel system is available in a number of great colors, including the cool Pois Grey I have, from our affiliate Amazon.

Thanks to Peg Perego for providing a sample.

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    OMG so cute! And love the stroller too!

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    Shannon Kelly

    I wish I’d done more shopping before baby #1. This system looks great!

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