You don’t have to be large in size to have an impact. We can just look at our children to know that much is true! But, turns out the idea is also accurate when it comes to recycling.

Johnson & Johnson Care To RecycleWhile 7 out of 10 Americans say they always or almost always recycle, only 1 in 5 consistently recycles bathroom items, according to a report commissioned by the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. Think of the positive impact if the 1 in 5 number flipped to 7 in 10?

Learning of this campaign was a bit of a gut check moment. I hadn’t thought of it before, but in our home we definitely fall into the average and don’t recycle the bathroom items nearly as religiously as we do in our kitchen. I honestly don’t know if it’s lack of proximity (our recycling bin is in our kitchen with the majority of recyclables) or lack of awareness that many bath containers are also recyclable. Whatever it is, the Care to Recycle movement is a great wake up call to change our recycling behavior throughout the home.

Care to Recycle

Caring for a healthy futureLaunched last week on Tumblr, Johnson & Johnson’s Care to Recycle seeks to educate consumers about recyclables in the bathroom and encourage recycling habits extend to the smallest room in the house.

“Because many of our personal care products are used or stored in the bathroom, we wanted to understand if Americans are recycling there,” said Paulette Frank, Vice President, Sustainability for the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies. “After reviewing the results of the research, we saw a very real opportunity to help reduce waste by educating people about recyclable bathroom items. With its active community of highly engaged content seekers, Tumblr seemed like the ideal platform to help spread the word about recycling in the smallest room of the house and how it can make a big difference to our planet.”


In addition to recycling facts and tips on the Care to Recycle Tumblr, Johnson & Johnson will add the Care to Recycle logo to its products as a gentle reminder to all of us.

… For the Future

Why recommit to recycling and remind your friends to do the same? Because “Our Babies Will Inherit Our Planet.” It always comes back to the most important small things in our lives to make a big impact, doesn’t it?

Our Babies Will Inherit Our Planet

The Smallest Room Video

As if you needed more convincing that this is an amazing campaign, check out the adorable Care to Recycle video.

Spread the word! Surprised by the facts, but committed to making a positive change? Share the Care to Recycle campaign with friends and family.

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    I love being a part of such a wonderful campaign with Johnson & Johnson and friends like you. Fantastic post!

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    Eye opening and oh so true! With 5 in the house, the amount of plastic that comes out of our bathroom is a little ridiculous and I’m ashamed to say I never recycled any of it until just recently.

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    that graphic – our babies will inherit this planet – really hits home. makes you realize that everything we do impacts something greater than ourselves!!

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    Thanks for this sweet reminder. We just added a second recycling bin to the house so its close and convenient to the bathroom.

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    We’re big recycling geeks in my house so on board with all! Thanks for sharing and spreading this message!

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    What a beautiful reminder for something so important…. thank you for sharing this!

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    I thought I was doing so well, but clearing am not doing everything I can do. Inspired to do more!

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    Jazz Brar

    Keep up the good work & deserve to live & breath on this amazing Green Mother Earth!

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