As a military spouse and someone who moves regularly I’m accustomed to just taking what we have and making it work in our new house.   This assignment we choose to live in base housing and while we have loved it, renting/living on base does have its drawbacks when it comes to decorating.  As much as I would like to knock down a wall, put up fabulous moulding, and take down the ugly (although highly functional) celling fan those things aren’t really possible.

So I move in our furniture and decor and hope they fit (which doesn’t always happen hence the too big entertainment center that covers a smidge of the windows).  While this is a good plan for awhile, after a few moves the curtains, pillows, and accessories can start to look a little dated and sometimes just don’t really work with the new house.  I’ve been moving the same red and gold curtains for 4 homes now and, to be honest, it was time to retire them and go with something fresher, more modern, and more colorful.  When HomeGoods generously offered the chance to go shopping and get some new “colorful” home accents I jumped at the opportunity.

HomeGoods Happy Resolution add color

Pops of Color to Create a Brighter Living Space

As you can see in the before post things were looking a little worse for the wear.  So the first thing to go were the curtains.  I found these fabulous geometric curtains that came 2 to a package for only $25.  $50 for 4 panels!!!  A STEAL when it comes to curtains.  They instantly let more light into the room and made it feel more open and, dare I say, happy? I used the turquoise as inspiration for the rest of the colors in the room.

This adorable end table was just what I needed to open up the corner with chair and offer a cozy reading area, not an ottoman storage area.  The cozy throw is perfect for snuggling in during chilly nights either while reading a book or watching TV.  And what’s not to love about monograms and chevron.

HomeGoods Happy Home Resolutions: add color with accents

I bid a fond farewell to the gold and red pillows and brought in pillows with more colors to play off which allowed me to introduce the bright kelly green and orange into the pallet.  I love how those little pops of color add so much whimsy and fun the the entire space.

Happy Home Resolution: Pops of color to boost happiness

Happy Home Resolution: pops of color to boost happiness

As an Air Force family and the wife of a pilot,  airplane paraphernalia is hard to escape. But, I’ve found over the years that there are cool ways to incorporate it into a room and this plane photo might be one of my favorites. It takes up a lot of wall space which is good when it comes to balance and symmetry.  Home Goods is one of my favorite places to look for artwork because they have so many unique pieces and their prices are unbeatable.  Another fabulous find from HomeGoods is this blue lamp.  It’s modern and stylish without being over the top.  I was blown away by their lighting choices and highly suggest checking them out if you’re in the need for new lamps.

Plane picture from HomeGoods and pops of color

Happy Home Resolutions

After a survey revealed that small changes to your home can improve your mood, HomeGoods teamed up with HGTV star Genevieve Gorder to create “Happy Home Resolutions.” The idea is that simple, yet cost-effective modifications to home décor that can make your home a happier place.

“Updating your home’s décor doesn’t have to be complicated. Easy, decorative changes that speak to personal style, like adding colorful pillows or a graphic rug, may be all you need to refresh your home and ultimately make you feel happier in your space,” says Gorder.

  • Pops of color can boost happiness: among those who have a room that negatively affects their mood, 39% felt that updating a color palette would have a positive impact on their mood. Instead of painting, adding color though pillows, glassware, wall art and accent furniture are simple and affordable ways to make a room feel cheerful.
  • Incorporate Personal touches: half (50%) of Americans surveyed say they had at least one room in their home that felt unfinished even though it is fully furnished. Choosing décor touches that reflect your personal style will help create a finished look that will make you smile every time you walk into the space.
  • Bedrooms can benefit most from small changes: the bedroom most negatively impacts people’s moods. Nearly half (48%) of survey participants who’d like to improve their décor felt that the bedroom would benefit most from small changes. Think about easy updates that don’t’ involve excessive amounts of time or money. Refreshing your bedding, changing lighting or just adding some colorful pillows can help make your room a happier place without breaking the bank.
  • Better lighting makes a big difference: of those Americans who have a room that negatively affects their mood, nearly half (46%) felt that better lighting could improve their moods. With shorter fall days and daylight savings time, the right lighting is key, so choose lamps with personality and style to boost your mood.
  • Decorative accents can provide a boost of happy: 37% of those with a room that negatively affects their mood felt that adding decorative accessories would have a positive impact on their mood. Each room of your home is an opportunity to create a unique space – bring in bold decorative accessories that are unique and surprising to make a room feel fresh.
  • Stylish solutions to organizing your home: among the 22% of survey participants who thought updates to décor would have a positive impact on their mood, the survey found that organizational solutions would have the greatest positive impact.  Fashionable and functional storage solutions can lift your mood while making a significant style statement.

To see the six Happy Home Resolutions in action, visit the HomeGoods Happy Home Resolutions Pinterest board. And, if you like how I incorporated the pops of color happy home resolution, please repin the image!

Happy Home Resolutions

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Thanks to HomeGoods for providing gift cards to incorporate the Happy Home Resolutions in my home. As always opinions are my own.


Jennie is a military wife with two (almost three) kiddos; Addie, Carter and Lexi Kate (due in October). She loves all things preppy, pink, and personalized and runs a small business out of her home called The Preppy Pickle. Before she became a mom she was a journalist and a teacher and she strives to encourage her own children to follow their dreams daily no matter what that dream is.

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