TWELVElittle’s Allure Convertible Satchel {Review}

By Lauren Barth |

I have long searched for a diaper bag that is roomy enough to hold everything I need for a day’s outing, especially with a little one in cloth diapers, yet is still fashionable and trim-looking. I love using cloth dipes, but they take up more room than disposable diapers and it seems like every diaper bag I’ve owned has either been too small to hold our essentials or way too big and I feel like I’m toting around a duffle bag. Now that I have three little ones (a toddler and twin infants), all of whom are in diapers, I thought a sleek diaper bag I actually wanted to carry and that could accommodate everything I needed was some sort of phantom mystery bag that existed only in my dreams. Enter TWELVElittle’s Allure Convertible Satchel, and my heart skipped a beat. It was love at first sight.

Mamas who cloth diaper, have twins or triplets, or carry essentials for two or more children: this is the diaper bag for you! For parents who prefer a smaller bag or a backpack, TWELVElittle carries a complete line of diaper bags in a wide variety of sizes and styles.

12 Little Wonders

TWELVElittle is the creative collaboration between Julia and Jenny, two college friends with a passion for design and the fashion industry. They based TWELVElittle on the Asian zodiac and each diaper bag and backpack can be personalized with adorable animal charms that correspond to your child’s (or your) birth year.wonder_snake

“You’ve likely heard reference to someone born in the “Year of the Rabbit” or “Year of the Dog”. Each animal is known to have certain traits and characteristics that describe the person’s personality and destiny…. Our 12 Little Wonders key chains are small reminders of what animal we represent, and thus, what special personalities you and your family individually carry.”

Favorite features

One of the first things I noticed about the Allure Satchel is how light it is. I’d expect a bag this size to be heavier and was pleasantly surprised. The nylon is high quality and the leather trim is soft and supple. It’s PVC-free and water resistant (wipeable!) on both the exterior and interior.

There are three different strap options: you can use the top handles to carry it as a satchel, wear it across your body with the long strap, or fold the strap in half to wear it as a hobo. The straps are a rich, buttery leather and stay in place well on my shoulder and arm. 12Little4

A Plethora of Pockets

The Allure Convertible Satchel has a plethora of pockets: seven just on the exterior of the bag, including two hidden bottle pockets. The two pleated pockets on the front are large enough to accommodate a small bento box each and are perfect for storing pacifiers, sanitizer, snacks, and other items you want to be able to access quickly. One great feature about this bag is the “hidden” pockets on the back and bottom. Like all of the pockets, they are lined in water resistant nylon, so they can function as a makeshift wetbag for spit-up and drool covered onesies. (We seem have a lot of those these days.) While I certainly wouldn’t put anything really yucky in one of the hidden pockets, it’s great for extra storage and to keep items separate from everything else in the bag.



There are five pockets in the interior of the satchel. One is a zipper pocket and is perfect for storing Mama’s essentials like lip gloss and a cell phone, and two are rimmed along the top edge with elastic, making them perfect for keeping small items in place. I am able to fit a reusable wipes case and several disposable diapers in the pockets along one side and extra burp cloths, outfits, and sun hats in the pockets along the opposite side. The actual interior space of the satchel is so roomy, it’s almost a modern version of Mary Poppins’ bottomless carpet bag, albeit way more stylish. I was able to comfortably fit five stacked cloth diapers (extra “fluffy” prefold-stuffed pockets), two wetbags, and a folded woven wrap baby carrier (about the size of a Moby Wrap) side by side in the main compartment without straining the bag in the slightest. Want to carry more diapers? No problem. Need to carry more bottles than will fit in the two exterior pockets? You got it. You could even fit a battery-operated breast pump, accessories, and bottles in the main compartment.


How much can it really fit?

I stuffed this satchel with all of my essentials, and it magically managed to maintain a sleek and trim profile. TWELVElittle must have put some serious thought into the design of this bag, because I’d expect anything carrying that much baby gear to look bulky. I am beyond impressed.


The perfect stroller bag

One essential diaper bag feature for me is the ability to hang the bag on my stroller. This wasn’t such a big deal when I had just a single seat on my Baby Jogger City Select and could store my diaper bag in the stroller basket, but it’s not as easily accessible with two seats and I need fast access to wipes and snacks and hand sanitizer. TWELVElittle bags do not come with stroller hooks; however, the satchel works perfectly with Think King’s Mighty Buggy Hooks. (If you haven’t already, you need to try these hooks. They are the best stroller accessory invention, ever.)


The Allure Convertible Satchel comes with a coordinating changing pad that folds up into a very small, flat square and is remarkably lightweight. It does the trick for quick diaper changes, but it’s worth noting that the changing pad is very narrow in width. My four month olds fit on it with no problem, but one quick roll from a squirmy older baby or toddler would likely find them off the pad. Of course, there’s plenty of room in the bag if you prefer to bring a bigger changing pad on your adventures.

To Buy or Not to Buy

To Buy… If you use cloth diapers, have twins or triplets, or carry baby and toddler essentials for several little ones, you need this diaper bag. The amazing features and ability to hold so much without looking or feeling bulky make it worth every penny. 

Or Not to Buy… Moms who carry a minimalistic amount of baby gear may find this bag to be roomier than they need. TWELVElittle carries a full line of diaper bags for moms and dads in a variety of sizes and styles.

Shop! The Allure Convertible Satchel is $250 and available at TWELVElittle. The zodiac animal dangle charms are a fun add-on accessory for $39 each. Think King Mighty Buggy Hooks that allow you to hang the satchel on your stroller are available at our Affiliate Amazon.

Thanks to TWELVElittle for providing a sample.

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