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Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller {Review}

By Lauren Barth |

Joovy Groove Ultralight Stroller

How many strollers do you actually need? If you said one, you’re kidding yourself. I didn’t set out to be a one kid and three stroller family but that’s exactly what we’ve become. We’ve got the large luxurious travel system, the off-road jogger and our newest addition, the Joovy Groove Ultralight. Each one serves a purpose, and I’m not even embarrassed to say, I need every one of them.

The Joovy Groove Ultralight is just that, ultra light. The smart folks at Joovy reworked their popular Groove stroller, making one just as comfy but five pounds lighter. Weighing in at under 13 pounds, the Ultralight is one of the lightest in its class and is still one of the best, easy to use, safe and best looking strollers available.

It folds up like an umbrella stroller but is way more luxurious. It has become our go-to stroller anytime we go someplace with a crowd. It’s easy to fold and unfold, comes with an attached carrying strap for easy toting when not in use, and offers more padding and comfort than a traditional umbrella stroller.

Joovy Groove Ultralight in Austin Texas

The seat reclines almost all the way back (149 degrees) and can be positioned at any angle you wish, with one hand. It has an oversized canopy to keep the sun out of baby’s face. There are little mesh pockets on the inside of the seat for baby to keep snacks or toys. The storage basket is large and easy to access. There’s a cup holder for mom or dad. The handlebars are ultra comfy. The dual wheels make for super easy steering. It folds up quickly in one motion and locks itself and then unfolds just as easily.

Joovy Groove Ultralight at the farmer's market

Possibly the best part, in my opinion, in the world of specific baby gear you only use for 4 months, is that that the Joovy Groove Ultralight can be used from 3 months all the way up to 55 pounds! That alone makes it worth the $189 price tag.

Joovy Groove Ultralight Black stroller

My only complaint, or negative feedback, would be that the foot lever used to unlock the stroller before folding it up sometimes sticks and is hard to use while wearing flip flops. Also, after a few months of normal use and being loaded and unloaded in the back of the car, the canopy is bent and slightly off center.

All in all, I’m a fan of the Joovy Groove Ultralight – and so is my baby. It is a valuable addition to our stroller arnesal and I’m pleased with it’s ease, convenience and quality.

Joovy Groove Ultralight StrollerSleeping in Joovy Groove Ultralight

Shop! You can take a look at the Groove Ultralight and all the rad gear the Joovy folks are making at joovy.com. The Groove Ultralight is available in Blueberry, Purpleness, Triple Black and Charcoal for $189.99. Make sure to like Joovy on Facebook and follow on Twitter so you don’t miss announcements on all the cool products they continue to roll out.


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