26Acts of Kindness Printables

Last year after the horrible tragedy at Sandy Hook, our family, like many others, participated in the 26 Acts of Kindness Movement. The #26Acts Movement spread on social media and beyond after Ann Curry suggested doing something good to honor each of the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Spreading tiny pieces of joy helped to heal my broken heart a bit and it gave me a sense of purpose during a time I felt terribly hopeless.

I know the news coverage of Newtown is going to pick up in the next couple of days as the one year anniversary of the tragedy approaches on Saturday (December 14), but I’m going to avoid it all as much as possible. Instead of getting sucked into rehashing the details (and the tears), we’re going to focus once again on  completing 26 Acts of Kindness to honor the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary.

26 Random Acts of Kindness Printables

One of my favorite Acts of Kindness from last year was giving pink daisies to strangers in honor of Emilie Parker. It was a very simple gesture and one in which the children could actively participate.

Some of our friends joined in, too, and we love this photo from Jessica Shyba’s two big kids gifting a stranger in New York City last year. (You should head over to Momma’s Gone City to see more lovely #26Acts flower photos and read a wonderful post about the Reality Shift after Newtown.)

26Acts Give a Flower to a Stranger

Photo credit: Jessica Shyba, Momma’s Gone City

We plan to hand out 26 daisies on Saturday and we’d love for you to join us. To make it easy to participate, Tacy from Paper Nook has created lovely printables to use and document each act of kindness. Last year I wrote on scraps of paper, but these printables are obviously taking it up a notch.

26Acts Printable

 Click to download the 26 Random Acts of Kindness printables.

The 26 Acts of Kindness Printables are on a two-page document that you cut into 26 small notes. It’s perfect for attaching to a flower, like we demonstrated below. We simply punched a hole in the card and wrapped it around the stem.

Random Acts of Kindness Printables26 Acts of Kindness Flowers

26 Acts of Kindness List & Ideas

We hope that you will join the 26 Acts movement and to help inspire you we’ve brainstormed 26 Acts of Kindness. We think many of them are kid-friendly so you can make it a family activity throughout the holiday season.

We’d love to hear more ideas so please leave a comment and let us know an Act of Kindness you’ve done or received.

26 Acts of Kindness Ideas

  1. Give a flower to a stranger.
  2. Buy coffee for the person behind you in line.
  3. Send a card to Any Airman or Any Soldier.
  4. Host a hot chocolate stand. Instead of charging, give each cup with a smile.
  5. Leave a “Have a good day!” note on a car.
  6. Ding dong diaper ditch a family.
  7. Buy a stranger’s tank of gas next time you fill up.
  8. Walk a neighbor’s dog.
  9. Deliver a warm drink to a crossing guard / military base guard or someone else who works outside in the cold.
  10. Give out homemade sweets or chocolate bars to strangers.
  11. Deliver a sincere compliment.
  12. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway.
  13. Leave a $5 bill in your favorite book at the library.
  14. Scrape the ice of someone’s car windows.
  15. Surprise co-workers with breakfast.
  16. Buy a young family’s meal at your favorite restaurant.
  17. Pay off or pay down a toy-heavy lay-a-way.
  18. Collect the carts in the supermarket parking lot.
  19. Hold the door open. For lots of people!
  20. Deliver treats and a thank you note to your Fire or Police Department.
  21. Pick up trash at your favorite park.
  22. Cook a meal for a busy family.
  23. Leave a treat for your mail delivery people.
  24. Take your children’s art to an assisted living facility to decorate common areas.
  25. Babysit for friends so they can have a night out.
  26. Send a text, email or Facebook note to a friend to let her know you’re thinking of her.


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    I did this last year! I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to do it this year. Thanks for the reminder and all the wonderful ideas!

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    Kate – I love everything about this list – EVERYTHING. My small people and I regularly do the items on this list, but I love that you have put them all together… THANK YOU! xoxo

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    Such great reminders of the importance of kindness and doing for others. Trying to drive this point home with my little ones and this is a great exercise to help!

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    I love the printables and the idea.

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    This is so wonderful Kate. Thanks for this inspiration!

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