The Northeast Girl: The “Perfect Fit” Gift

By Lauren Barth |

1With only 5 shopping days left to search and find the perfect gifts for your loved ones, I think it’s safe to say that most of us are hopefully getting pretty close to wrapping up our Christmas shopping this year!  Or…are we?  I completely admit I still have so much left to accomplish in the next 5 days and I’m intentionally avoiding even thinking about it with the hopes that it miraculously takes care of itself.  And while this is a nice thought, it’s definitely not going to happen!


Do you ever find yourself searching high and low for the perfect gift only to keep second guessing something like sizing and wondering if it’s even going to fit?  Once upon a time, I used to go through this same predicament every holiday season…until I got smart.  These days, when it comes to finding the “perfect fitting” gift for all the lovely ladies in my life, I go straight to the things that fall under the “one size fits all” category.  We’re talking scarves, jewelry, purses, etc.  Gifts like these completely eliminate the second guessing you do to yourself when you’re wondering if that perfect gift is really going to work at all!


While there are endless options of the “fit free” presents out there, one of my all time favorites is a scarf.  I love the way it completely transforms a simple pair of jeans and a tee into something more memorable.  A scarf has the ability to completely pull an outfit together in seconds and it couldn’t be more effortless.  There are more ways to style it than you could ever imagine, they come in all lengths, widths, materials…and the list goes on.  I own more scarves than a normal gal should but honestly, each and every one of them gets worn all year long and to me, they’re even better than jewelry!


I think I was drawn to the bright colors in today’s scarf mostly because I’ve been so consumed with wearing deep fall colors and  prints that I needed a little bit of a punch in my life!  This scarf is so insanely comfortable…and affordable!  I have quite a few from this collection and I still have my eye on a few more.  Hey, when the price is right and quality is spot on, it’s a-okay to stock up!  You won’t regret it later!


Scarf / Denim Leggings / White Tee / Booties / Tote Bag

So, ladies, don’t stress over all those “what if’s” when you’re trying to decide what gifts to take home this year.  Go with the pieces that are guaranteed to fit each and every one on your list.  I promise you won’t disappoint!  And just to add a little more variety in your choices, take a look down below to see my other favorite gifts that are sure to please!

Perfect Fit Gift

Crystal Necklace / Travel Jewelry Box / Leather Bound Notebook

Infinity Scarf / Leather Watch / Glitter Clutch / Umbrella

Have a Happy Holiday, a Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!  Thank you so much for checking with me today!  Don’t forget to also come visit me over at The Northeast Girl every day to see my latest outfits and shopping finds!

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