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After too many sleepless nights to count, endless hours commiserating with sleepy friends, and more crying (from mom) than we care to admit, we know the stress and frustration that comes with babies who just won’t sleep. (And when we say babies, we also mean toddlers. Sorry, new moms: yes, even toddlers don’t sleep through the night.)

Of course, we all know the moms with miracle babies who sleep through the night from, like, 2 weeks old, but this Shopping Resource is for the rest of us. We have covered all the pieces of the puzzle to help find your baby’s sleep solution. From swaddling to white noise to expert books, we’ve included the very best products to soothe, comfort and teach baby to sleep and sleep well.

Obviously we aren’t recommending you run out and buy one of every single thing, rather the aim is to provide a comprehensive resource with products that are truly valuable in aiding sleep. From here, we hope you’ll be able to find what works best for your child and your family.

We’re really excited to share the Baby & Toddler Sleep Solution: The Ultimate Shopping Resource.

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Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Guide Swaddle

The act of swaddling babies has been around for, literally, thousands of years because it is an effective aid in helping babies settle and sleep. A good swaddle reminds baby of the secure and cozy environment in the womb and inhibits involuntary reflexes and twitches which may startle him awake. Luckily, even though the act of swaddling has been around forever, the best swaddlers are decidedly modern in materials and ease of use.

Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Resource
A successful sleep routine is all about routine and the wearable blanket is a great next step as baby outgrows the swaddle (or for use from birth). Every night when you zip or button the sleeping bag, your child will know it’s time for sleep. Most importantly, a wearable blanket is the safest way to safely keep baby warm, as loose blankets increase baby’s risk of SIDS.

  • Bamboo Wearable Blanket (Gunapod, $40). The Gunapod offers a really smart “WONDERZiP” system that includes 4 all-around zip pulls on the bottom of the blanket. The zippers allow easy access baby’s diaper for changing, quick on and off and the ability to customize how it is closed for maximum comfort.
  • Muslin Sleeping Bag (aden + anais, $33). All the benefits of the aden + anais swaddling blankets are in a wearable sleeping bag form. The Sleeping Bag is breathable yet warm, soft and in the chic modern choice of custom prints.
  • SleepSack (HALO, $25). Available in a variety of sizes to fit babies from birth up to 36 pounds, the SleepSack offers a generous fit to allow baby the ability to kick and roll around.

Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Resource White Noise


White noise can be tremendously helpful in providing a comforting sleep environment for baby. Background noise reminds baby of being in the womb, helps block unwanted disruptive noise and can soothe and comfort baby. If possible, leave the white noise on throughout baby’s sleep (entire nap and through the night) to assist baby settle himself back to sleep if he wakes prematurely.

  • Sweet Slumber Sound Machine (Graco, $35). The Sweet Slumber offers 12 different options and an optional night light in a compact and portable package. Load your own tunes through the MP3 player plug-in.
  • Baby Shusher Machine or App (pneo, $35; app, $4.99). Using a rhythmic “sushing” noise like mom, the Baby Shusher machine makes a calming noise to soothe baby in 15 or 30 minute increments. The Baby Shusher App allows you to use your phone to offer the same familiar noise.
  • Serenity Star (aden + anais, $75. The Serenity Star is far more than a white noise machine. In addition to 4 noise options, it has an electronic feeding diary, room temperature indicator, nightlight and clock.

Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Resource Night Light
As with almost everything else, whether your baby lights a little light or prefers a pitch black room for sleep may be determined through trial and error. From the parent’s point of view, it’s nice to have some subtle light in the room for night time feeds, diaper changes and to help your video monitor work better.

  • Twilight Turtle Tunes (cloud b, $60). This really belongs in both the Night Light and White Noise categories, as it serves both functions beautifully.
  • Belly Glo Rechargeable Nightlight (Crane, $20). The belly glows and when power is low remove the light and plug it in to recharge. The cute little animals are a sweet addition to a nursery.
  • Glo (boon, $60). Part modern art, part night light the boon Glo has a high price tag but it’s worth it. The removable ball night lights means this grows with your child as his sleep issues do.

Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Resource Lavender
Many baby products contain lavender for a reason: the scent is helpful in soothing and calming babies. And adults, for that matter.

  • Comforting Room Mist (beginning… by Maclaren, $16). A few sprays of the Comforting Room Mist and both you and baby will breath a deep sigh of relaxation.
  • Bedtime Bath (Johnson’s Baby, $4.50). A successful bedtime is all about routine. Begin baby’s with a soothing lavender-scented bath.
  • Lavender Essential Oil (doTERRA, $28). Lavender essential oil is a way to go straight to the source, so to speak, and promote rest and relaxation. A few drops on baby’s feet on baby’s mattress may work wonders.

Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Resource Pacifier
Young babies are born sucking. And not just to eat. It is an instinctual method to self-soothe so pacifiers can be a big sleep aid if your child will take one.

  • Glow-in-the-Dark Pacifier (AVENT, $6). Need to pop baby’s pacifier back into his mouth in the middle of the night? No sense in searching blind when there’s a glow in the dark option.
  • Pacifier Holder & Lovey (WubbaNub, $13). For older babes / toddlers, this is a cute option that helps him find and return the pacifier to his mouth. Available in a cute selection of animals.

Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Resource Lovey
As baby grows into toddlerhood, a lovey or comfort item can be hugely helpful in providing a familiar sleep environment for your child. Again, it’s all part of promoting a consistent sleep routine, making the comfort item a big help when you are traveling and baby is sleeping in a new bed. Due to the increased risk of SIDS, do not place any loose, soft item in baby’s crib until baby is older.

  • Personalized Angel Dear Lovie (Makaboo, $20). An ideal new baby gift, the personalized Lovie comes in a variety of adorable animals.
  • Issie Bamboo Security Blanket (aden + anais, 2 for $25). The rayon bamboo material we love in aden + anais Swaddles in a perfectly cuddly security blanket size. And, it comes in a pack of two so you always have a back up.
  • Baby Comforter (CuskiBoo, $28). Anti-bacterial and organic, the Cuski is a smart way to leave your scent with baby while he sleeps. You sleep with it to give it your smell and then baby can cuddle it for comfort. (These are used in many NICUs in the UK to soothe babies separated from their moms.)

Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Resource Comfort

  • Cool Mist Humidifer (Crane, $40). As much as we try to avoid it, at some point your little one is going to get sick. A humidifier is a must have to aid in the reduction of cold and flu symptoms, and is particularly useful at night.
  • Organic Velour Crib Sheet (American Baby, $23). If you’re lucky (and achieve what we’re all hoping for here) your baby / toddler will spend more than half of each day with his head rested firmly on a crib mattress. An extra-soft crib sheet goes a long way towards creating a comfortable sleeping environment for baby.
  • Pajamas (Skylar Luna, $40)

Baby & Toddler Sleep Ultimate Shopping Resource Books
When in doubt, call in the experts for help! Because most of us can’t afford a night nurse or in-home sleep trainer, these books are the only way to bring the experts into your baby’s nursery. Though you may be sleep-deprived, and the simple idea of reading puts you to sleep, investing the time and energy to read any one of these will help you teach your baby how to sleep. And that is the gift that keeps on giving.

Ultimate Baby & Toddler Sleep Shopping Resource


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